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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 17/03/15

1.vincent volt-“subway arp”.2. cortex-“cortex A”.3.jon Hopkins-“I remember”(yeasayer cover version).4.riz ortolani-“cannibal holocaust(end titles)”(from the orig. film score cannibal holocaust).5.patrick Watson-“love songs for robots”.6.ariel kalma-“asalam yamerek”.7.arthur-“friend of mine”.8.vincent cahay-“Gloria” feat. Lara persain(from the orig. film score alleluia).9.bob moses-“first to cry”(radio edit).

10.aphex twin-“red calx(slo).11.tim buckley-“sefronia-after asklepiades,after kafka/sefronia-“the king s chain”12.astro zu-“ghost town” ft. pin tweaks.13. mark lanegan band-“floor of the ocean”(pye corner audio rmx).14.condor gruppe-“jungle ships”.15.grasscut-“curlews”.16.mogwai-“no medicine for regret”(pye corner audio rmx).17.etienne jaumet-“midnight man”.18.john carpenter-“domain”.19. vessels-“elliptic”.20.fragments-“September sun”.

21.dan deacon-“when I was done dying”.22.mugwump-“lurline”.23.emil germ-“give”(bonnie&klein rmx kbe edit).24.mugwump feat. Mungolian jetset and ost&kjex-„until you`re worth it”(a. weatherall rmx pt. 2)25.boot&tex-“niente per niente”.26.ian dury&the blockheads-“jack shit george” .27.talking heads-“once in a lifetime”(luxury edit).28.model 500-“control”.29.golden bug-“arcus pluvius”.30.the bliss-“lifetime”.

31.the pretty things-“I see you”.32.the kinks feat. Dave davies-“death of a clown”.33.the yankee dollar-“ the times, they are a-changin”(bob Dylan cover).34.the attack-“strange house”.35.children of the mushroom-“august mademoiselle”.36.the dave clark five-“maze of love”.37.the pop group-“nowhere girl”.38.gang of four-“dead souls”.39.chi-pig-“ring around the collar”.40.pressler- morgan one plus one-“you re gonna watch me”.

41.vitor hublot-“aller simple”.42.martin dupont-“under nylon”(dj steef&realtif yann edit).43.vox low-“something is wrong”(boot&tex rmx).44.headman/robi insinna feat. Bozzwell-“take me to the dub”