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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 17/09/2019

1.cylene(aka francois j. bonnet&stephen o`malley-„premiere noire“
2.wilson tanner-„crossing the bar“
3.riff kitten-“sea beauty”
4.four tet-“breath”
5.a winged victory for the sullen-“atomos xl”
6.takayuki shiraishi-“360°”
7.gigi masin&j.nash-“postcards from nowhere”
8.modern nature-“oracle”
9.nev cottee-“hello stranger”
10.dylan moon-“morning limbo”
11.edson natale-“nina Malka”
12.the white screen-“parpar”
13.salami rose joe louis-“she wakes up/first dimension”
14.kapitan(aka dori sadovnik)-“modi”
15.lana del rey-„how to disappear
16.devendra banhart-“memorial”
17.david august-“elysian fields”
18.dino spiluttini-“metal harp”
19.station 17-“lila pause”(with dj koze)
20.mike patton&jean claude vannier-« pink and bleue”
21.jg thiriwell-“trouble adore”
22.the transparency-“awaken”
23.mndsgn-“over ez”
24.dennis young-“forgiveness”
25.alexander tucker-“Montag”
26.super furry animals-“the piccolo snare”
27.nvworries knxwledge Anderson paak-“real(the)nd”(yes lawd! Rmx)
28.almamegretta-“musica populare”(dennis bovell rmx)
29.phoenix city all-stars-“this is radio clash( the clash cover)(ash version rockers)
30.victoria hanna-“aleph bet/hoshana”
31.lee moses-“I can`t take no chances”
32.chairmen of the board-“live with me,love with me”
33.kit Sebastian-“tyranny 20”
34.the cometh is coming-“unity”
35.miles davis-“rubberband”
36.marquis de sade(philippe pascal r.i.p)-« who said why ? »
37.iggy pop-« james bond »
38.hardy fox-« christ »
39.the space lady-« i had too much to dream last night”(the electric prunes cover)
40.jlin-“blue 1”
41.the cars-“my best friend`s girl”(rick ocasek r.i.p)
42.alex pergusson-“stay with me tonight”
43.enzo kreft-“disobedient”
44.xuxu fang-“noir state beach”(the modernist mix)
46.l`epee(the liminanas&antonnewcombe&emmanuelle seigner)-« la brigade des malefices »
47.ride-« repetition »
48.oh sees-« the experimenter »
49.metronomy-« salted caramel ice cream »
50.cosmic overdrive-“rattan”
51.kalbata feat. Tigris-“vanrock”
52.wheel up-“self healing machine”
53.polymood-“taishi-koto pt1”