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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 17/07/2018

1.leon vynehall-“it breaks(chapter ix)”
2.willie nelson with leon Russell&ray Charles-“a song for you”
3.pieter nooten-“theme minimaliste ll”
4.samy Birnbach&Benjamin lew-“little birds sit on your shoulders”(a Kenneth patchen poem)
6.rival consoles-“memory arc”
7.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“the yes… no game”
8.vive la void-“atlantis”
9.agnes obel-“stretch your eyes”(ambient acapella)
10.aisha bodru-“bridges”
11.geliks-“paper plane”
12.kuniyuki takahashi-“imagination”
13.danny wolfers-“scenic highway system”
14.del purr-“limax” feat. Eraser
15.mazzy star-“still”
16.tom rush-“voices”
17.conner youngblood-“the birds of finland”(edit)
18.ulver-“shadows of the sun”
19.ray lamontagne-“part of the light”
20.eleanor friedberger-“nice to be nowhere”
21.jon hassell-“al-kongo udu”
22.bark psychosis-„400 winters“
24.lykke li-„so sad so sexy“
25.paul de jong(ex- the books)-„you fucken sucker“
26.bernard lavilliers-“les aventures extraordinaires d`un billet de banque »
27.jacques dutronc-« il est cinq heures,paris s eveille »
28.adrian sherwood-« the race(pt2) »
29.the last poets-“the bridge”
31.goldfrapp-“ocean” feat. Dave gahan
32.buscemi-“tango tempura”
33.the zanies-“the blob”
34.russian linesman-“lonesome road”(audioglider rmx)
35.actress&London contemporary orchestra-“hubble”
36.kikagaku moyo-“streets of Calcutta”
37.the white screen-“blue blood”
38.family-“song for sinking lovers”
39.shuggie Otis-“ice cold daydream”
40.melody s echo chamber-“shirim”
42.lunar mensions-“submerge”
43.the claypool&lennon delirium-“boris the spider”(the who cover)
45.orb-“pillow fight@shag mountain”
46.bjorn torske-“gata”
47.tom trago-“zeeweg”
48.cabaret Voltaire-“dont walk away”(cabaret Voltaire&parrot rmx)