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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 17/04/2018

1.mark renner-“the eternal purpose”
2.belong-“I never lose, never really”
3.clarian-“dedicated to sagan”
5.secret of elements-“therizo”
6.brett naucke-“born last summer”
7.giuseppe leonardi-“all blue”
8.k.leimer-“dunne luft”
9.pablo s eye-„double language“
10.lasjlo lhortobagyi-“culture of bass”
11.suzanne kraft-“two chord wake”
12.yo la tengo-“ashes”
13.nina simone-“I think it`s going to rain today”(a randy newman cover)
14.peggy lee-“i ll be seeing you”
15.the association-“remember”(live)
16.jb dunckel-“the garden”
17.la feline-“nu,jeune, leger »
18.priscilla paris-« my window »(from boyd rice presents music for pussycats)
19.sign libra-« mantodea vs.furcifer pardelis »
20.mark pritchard-« come let us »feat.gregory whitehead
21.billy idol-“rebel yell”(amir perry edit)
22.sex judas feat. Ricky-“the hedonist disappeared into normality”
23.condor gruppe-“farewell to the last man on the moon”
24.erykah badu-“hello”(feat. Andre 3000)
25.belp-“travelling thru galaxies”
26.saul Williams feat.krs1-“ocean within”
27.dabrye-“stranded”feat.phatt father
28.dr. alimantado-“best dressed chicken in town”
29.sly and Robbie-“riding east”
30.ursula k. le guin&todd barton-“a homesick song”
31.elesia cosmos-“tubulaire”
32.anna von hausswolff-“ugly and vengeful”
33.cavern of anti-matter-“feed me magnetic rain”
34.minoru “hoodoo” fushimi-“mikuzukue(living desk of flesh)”
35.autarkic-“bongos&tambourines”(simple symmetry rmx)
36.jegsy dodd&the sons of harry cross-“always the bridesmaid”
37.jimmy Hendrix-“power of soul”
38.rodion G.A-“moment”
39.dark star-“spectre”
40.monster magnet-“brainwashed”
42.fever tree-“san Francisco girl(return of the native)(live 68)
43.essaie pas-“les aphides”
44.moodymann-“liveinla 1998”
45.madfilth-« liberta »
46.pepe bradock-« tresors »
47.mehmet aslan-“Alysha”