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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 16/06/15

1.voices from the lake-“orange steps”

2.ariel kalma-“reternelle”

3.nosaj thing-“don`t mind me” feat. Whoarei

4.james pants-“shantay”

5.patrick Cowley&Jorge socarras-“I remember”

6.beth hart-“tell her you belong to me”

7.serpent power- “Lucifer`s dreambox”

8.maribou state-“varkala”

9.steve cobby-“nip it up choppy”

10.villagers-“dawning on me”

11.simon says-“sanctuaire”

12.darkel-“true lover”

13.dimlite-“can`t get used to those?”(kosi edit)/efdemin-“ohara”


15.felix laband-“the savage bush hotel”

16.darger-philippe cohen solal( from gotan project)&mike Lindsay( aka tunng)--“become what you are”

17.hot chip-“white wine and fried chicken”

18.jaakko eino kalevi-“room”

19.fort romeau-“saku iii”(vogel mix)

20.martin gore-“Europa hymn”

21.death and vanilla-“shadow and shape”

22.george fitzgerald-“the waiting”

23.boof(aka Maurice fulton)-“tomoko`s o”

24.anna caragnano and donato dozzy-“festa(a mottola)”

25.if(aka paul de jong(ex- the books)-“age of the sea”

26.thomass Jackson feat. Beyou-“stillness of mind”


28.public service broadcasting-“Gagarin”

29.francesca Belmonte-“your sons”(written and produced with tricky)

30.jamie xx-“see saw” feat. Romy

31.Django Django-“shot down”

32.unknown mortal orchestra-“necessary evil”

33.golden teacher-“maladroit”


35.leftfield-“bad radio”

36.the chain reaction(original soundtrack music by Andrew Thomas Wilson)


38.wah!heat-“better scream”

39.rheingold-“fan fan fanatisch”

40.hiroshi&Claudia-“the early broadminded`s emptiness”

41.country joe&the fish-“susan”

42.madden and harris-“Margaret d`grady”

43.azitis-“judgement day”

44.cold sun-“twisted flower”

45.eden`s children-“sure looks real”

46.the litter-“blue ice”

47.self control-“elastic”

48.basement 5-“riot”

49.il est vilaine-“peyotl”