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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 16/02/16

1.jessica curry-“a storm over yaughton”(from everybody`s gone to the rapture, game soundtrack)

2.john foxx-“the beautiful ghost”

3.lee van dowski-“sinon toi”

4.soulsavers-« ziegler »

5.lutto lento-« intro »

6.tricky feat. Xdare&renata platon-“unreal”

7.visonia-“the owl”

8.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“froese requiem 2”

9.nico motte-“tema d`amore”

10.thomas leer-„blood of a poet“(feat. Charles Bukowski)

11.tom rapp/pearls before swine-“freedom”

12.david bowie-“lazarus”

13.the orb-“moonbuilding 2703ad(wolfgang voigt antiretro ambient psycholka mix)

14.the(hypothetical)prophets(aka bernard szejaner)-“wellenberg”

15.mason Williams-“generatah-oscillatah”

16.john cale-“thoughtless kind”(m:fans version)

17.her-“quite like”

18.turin brakes-“keep me around”

19.vague state-“god`s got tired of loving us”

20.kendrick lamar-“king kunta”

21.rodney p.&dj die feat.indigo kid-“holes in the building”(radio edit)

22.akua naru-“heard”

23.hugh mane-“groping in the moonlight”

24.naphta-“enter the dagon”

25.ost&kjex-„the baker`s daughter“

26.visonia-“waltz of the fireflies”

27.prins Thomas-“e”

28.ursula 1000-“tropical intention”

29.zombies in miami-“snake language”

30.danny daze-“pop”(dub)


32.dandelion wine-“the what four”

33.simones-“when we were children”

34.the oxford circle-“foolish woman”

35.loghoria-“trouble child”

36.rupert`s people-“reflections of Charlie brown”

37.the seeds-“the other place”

38.fat white family-“auto neutron”

39.wand-“stolen footsteps”


41.fat white family-“whitest boy on the beach”

42.mugwump-“voetbal knieen”( a cover version)

43.jegsy d odd&the sons of harry cross-“the mushie picker boogie”

44.cuddly toys-“madman”(a d. bowie and m. bolan cover)


46.lauer-“esc”(prins Thomas disko miks)

47.fabrizio rat-“thumb”