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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 16/01/2018

1.tom Rogerson with brian eno-“marsh chorus”
2.dan deacon-“seagull”(from the film rat film soundtrack)
3.dub tractor-“part orange”
4.visible cloaks-“transient”
5.cornelius-“surfing on mind wave pt.2”
6.mondkopf-“the call”
7.lucky sun-“stronger than stone”(lucky sun rmx)
8.linda perhacs-“the dancer”
9.desolate-“sputnik sunrise”
10.tom rush-“one day I walk”
11.billy Mackenzie-“beyond the sun”
12.the salt garden 2-“you were there”
13.yul onodera-“prism”
14.the swan and the lake-“heaven s voice” feat. Veonbi
15.pauline anna strom-“the unveiling”
16.jim james-“here in spirit”
17.forever pavot-“hutre”
18.buttering trio-“dreaming of india” feat. Albalak
19.red axes-“sami”
20.alan Wilson aka blind owl Wilson-“change my ways”
21.harvey mandel-“uno ino”
22.a.r&machines-“I ll be your singer, you ll be my song”
23.bob Edmund-“Saturday thought”
24.bjork-“sue me”
25.alan vega-“it”
26.james carr-“love is a beautiful thing”(young rascals cover)
27.pastor t.l barrett and the youth for Christ choir sings-“like a ship”
28.patrick Cowley-“love come set me free”
29.andrew weatherall-“selling the shadow”
31.karik(feat. Guitk)-“jeff”
32.charlotte gainsbourg-“deadly valentine”(soulwax rmx)
33.golden teacher-“no luscious life”
34.smagghe &cross-“mmmmmmm”(honey soundsystem)
35.the bystanders-“cave of clear light”
36.blonde on blonde-“heart without a home”
37.snapped ankles-“I want my minutes back”
38.king gizzard and the lizard wizard-“people-vultures”
39.solitary danger-“emails 2 myself”(feat. Marie Davidson)
40.siglo xx-“room”
41.jean conflict-“asuan”
42.cabaret Voltaire-“here to go”(extd. Mix by francois keworkian)
43.nacht und nebel-“ready to dance”(maxi version)
44.prins Thomas-“ö”
45.jesus loves you-“after the love”(prophets of doom mix)