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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 15/12/15


2.kelpe-“morning two”

3.yazoo-“winter kills”

4.the Detroit escalator co.-“folding space”



7.gene Clark-“past addresses”

8.coil-“paint me as a dead soul”

9.normill Hawaiians-“slums still stand”

10.matthias Vogt-“can we all be still «feat. Pete jos

11.doug harem blunt-“gentle persuasion”


13.mark McGuire-“the past presents the future”

14.rival consoles-“low”

15.floating points-“argante`”

16.blue daisy-“daydreaming”


18.blond:ish-“endless games”

19.holzwarth-“crystal bones”

20.u.s girls-“woman`s work”

21.james brown-“Christmas is for everyone”

22.sim Hutchins-“tie me to a rocket”(elysia crampton absolut rmx)

23.radiophobia-“can`t stop believing”

24.kiasmos-“swept”(tale of us rmx)

25.tc sound-“tc sound”

26.die verboten(aka soulwax)-„dafalgänger“

27.dee vee 004(aka soulwax)-„free hifi internet“

28.roman flügel-“teenage engineering”

29.minimal compact-“this scent of love”(the 45 single version)

30.spirit-“when I touch you”

31.mind garage-“recessional”

32.the final solution-“let me know”

33.les goths-“turn over”


35.the delta saints-“butte la rose”

36.love-“your mind and we belong together”(live 2000)

37.karel fialka-“armband”

38.neud photo-“Cadmus”

39.visage-“star city”

40.severed heads-“petrol”(version 1985)

41.patrick Cowley-“thief of love””

42.master c&j-“in the city”

43.lutto lento-“intro”