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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 15/11/2016

2.roman flügel-“believers”
3.illum sphere-“paradise”
4.genia faierman-« dona dona »(nika mix)(unreleased)
5.geese-« andrew parsnip »
6.leonard cohen-« you want it darker”
7.hope Sandoval and warm inventions-“liquid lady”
8.evy jane-“breaking”
11.the orb-“4am exhale(chill out,world!)
12.youandewan-“be good to me,poly”
13.tim buckley-“she s back again”
14.leon Russell-“this masquerade”
15.heide-“ein kleines waldvögelein“(gudrun gut vogel mix)
16.penguin cafe orchestra-„air a danser“
17.vanishing twin-„the conservation of energy
18.the notwist-“they follow me”(live)
19.jean jacques perrey-“mary france »
20.adrian younge presents the electronique void-« systems »
21.the Gaslamp killer-“haleva”
22.clark-“empty the bone thugs of you”
24.mild high club-“tesselation”
25.north sea radio orchestra-“queen of all the day and night”
26.anna Meredith-“dowager”
27.soft hair-“jealous lies”
28.nils bech-“please stay”
29.arthur brown and craig leon-“not fade away”(a buddy holly cover)
30.yello-“pacific am”
32.frank ocean-“nights”
34.pink Floyd-“free four”(2016 rmx)
35.don craine s new downliners sect-“I can`t get away from you”( the remains cover)
36.the chambers brothers-“have a little faith”
37.the lemon twigs-“great snake”
38.toy-“another dimension”
39.newmoon-“head of stone”
40.goat-“all-seeing eye”
41.vibravoid-“vivid vision”
42.the pop group-“city of eyes”
43.d.a.f-“alle gegen alle”
44.roman flügel-„dust“
45.archangel-„blue eyes blind/this romance“
46.andrew weatherall-“Frankfurt advice”(red axes rmx)
47.anton klint& edvin e-“conga liver”
48.city tuff kids & joe goddard-“tell me”
49.andre galluzzi-“bold”(excerpt)