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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 15/09/15

1.john beltran-“prestavka”

2.ben Salisbury&Geoff barrow-“falling”(from ex.machina orig. motion picture soundtrack)


4.bruce brubaker-“metamorphosis 3”(john beltran rmx)(p. glass piano version)

5.pole/besombes et rizet-“evelyse”

6.df tram-« sunflower jam »

7.ursula 1000-« faded denim wash »(seahawks rmx)

8.the brians-“sugar clouds”

9.jerusalem in my heart-“al affaq,lau mat, lau lau lau lau lau lau”(the hypocrite, if he dies, if if if if if if)

10.manu delago-“why don`t you”feat. Joss stone

11.automat-“emt 140”

12.foals-“London thunder”

13.kisses feat. Pat grossi-“kids in la theme”

14.miles davis-“generique”

15.mark lanegan-“halcyon daze”

16.the twilight sad-“in nowheres”

17.los massieras-“black moon”(turzi rmx)

18.hunee-“the world”

19.la priest-“ladys in trouble with the law”

20.the electric connection-“groovy”

21.darkstar-“pin secure”(radio edit)

22.silicon-“i can see paradise”

23.flako-“shape of things to come”

24.cubenx-“reality check”

25.the arcs-“outta my mind”

26.intensive care unit-“gan shel plastic”(plastic garden)

27.vitor hublot-“vive l`amour”

28.arbeid adelt-“500000 hi hats”

29.anthony Mansfield&jp soul-“it`s that kinda Friday”(ode to tom moulton)

30.tame impala-“let it happen”(soulwax rmx)

31.the chemical brothers-“radiate”

32.aphex twin/a.f.x-“simple slamming b 2”

33.the isley brothers-“people of today”

34.p.funk all stars(George Clinton&sly stone)-“catch a keeper”

35.public enemy-“no sympathy from the devil”

36.cafe lanai-“le stud”


38.jefferson airplane-“rejoyce”

39.serpent power-“the man who shrunk the world”

40.i fenomeni-“buio in sospensione(ombre d`oro)”

41.the Alan bown-“violin shop”

42.the Sonics-“leaving here”

43.psychic tv-“overdriven overlord”

44.p.i.l-“the one”


46.cabaret Voltaire-“microscopic flesh fragment”(live version)

47.jurgen paape-“Manipuri”