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Lysergic Factory – 15/03/16

1.ryuichi sakamoto&alva noto—“discovering buffalo”(from the revenant original motion picture soundtrack)

2.repeated viewing/alan Sinclair-“gunter`s sympathy”(from the three sisters motion picture soundtrack)

3.kurt stenzel-“the pirate spaceship”(from jodorowsky`s dune film soundtrack)

4.david bowie-“the mysteries”

5.tempelhof&gigi masin-“blue 13”

6.evengelist-“whirlwind rubbish”

7.dj krush feat. Yasmine hamdan-“my light”

8.23 skidoo-“interzonal”

9.nonkeen-“animal farm”

10.francoise hardy-“premiere rencontre”

11.unloved(david holmes&co)-“cry baby cry”

12.essaie pas-“carcajou3”

13.unloved-“guilty of love”(Andrew weatherall vocal mix)


15.silver apples-“the edge of wonder”


17.different fountains-“n eve”

18.massive attack feat. Ezekel-“ritual spirit”

19.the upsetters(lee scratch perry)-“big bird skank”

20.singers&players feat. Prince far i-“quante` jubila”

21.haruomi hosono feat. R. sakamoto,shuka nishihara&hiroshi sato-“hum ghar sajan”

22.bar-“Anjali reverse”(pharaohs rmx)

23.pantha du prince-“the winter hymn” feat.queens

24.andrew weatherall-“we count the stars”

25.chu ishikawa-“megatron”(from tetsuo the Japanese cyber-punk movie soundtrack)

26.red axes-“cockroach”

27.yula kasp-“leisure”(rebolledo rmx)(excerpt)

28.the lovin` spoonful-“you didn’t have to be so nice”

29.camberwell now-“greenfingers”

30.wand-“broken sun”

31.all them witches-“open passage ways”

32.alan vega, alex chilton,ben Vaughn-“the werewolf”

33.protomartyr-“I forgive you”

34.shadow in the cracks-“lonely time”


36.cabaret Voltaire-“no escape”(the seeds cover)

37.xymox-“call it weird”

38.the fat white family-“cream of the young”(medicine 8 rmx)

39.royksopp-“here she comes”

40.rubber band(aka soulwax)-“caoutchouc”( from soulwax presents belgica)


42.fit siegel&tim love lee-“living is a serious business”(carl craig rmx)

43.kiki-“paradise” feat. Boot slap