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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 15/10/2019

1.alif tree-“sequence 50”
2.kyle Dixon&Michael stein-“we don’t understand each other”(from stranger things vol.3 series soundtrack)
3.a winged victory for the sullen-“the haunted Victorian pencil”
5.charis davis-“sever”
6.toshifumi hinata-“sarah`s crime”
7.penguin café-“adelie”
8.trjj-“mersh night sleep(censored)
9.chance-“samba do morro”
10.dylan moon-“analog”
11.devendre banhart-“the lost coast”
12.san mateo-“haliphon”
13.wang zijian-“lenin elaborated idealism in twisted space time”(excerpt)
14.alessandro alessandroni-“evocazioni d`amore”
15.telefon tel aviv-« mouth agape »
16.ben frost-“after death”
17.tim curry-“sloe gin”
18.dub mentor feat. Yao xu-“a slow hot wind”(eastern wind)
19.north sea radio orchestra feat. John greaves&annie barbazza-“maryan”(a Robert wyatt cover)
20.morgana king-“it`s a quiet thing”
21.the cinematic orchestra-“wait for now” feat. taiwha(pepe bradock just a word rmx)
22.lips lips lips-“leave”(Kenneth bagers ext. mix)
23.peter ivers-“take your chances with me”
24.trentemöller-“blue September”
25.metronomy-“ur mixtape”
26.M83-“oh yes you`re there,everyday”
27.polymood-“disco dino”
28.the white screen-“Germania”
29.riff kitten-“ocean waves”
30.amir buchbinder-“alila/plot”
31.de ambassade-“malefica”
32.david august-“true heart”
33.bill plummer-“lady friend”( a david Crosby/byrds cover)
34.cult with no name-“blind dogs for the guides”
35.minimal compact-“the well”( 2019 version)
36.l`epee-“on dansait avec elle »
37.mike patton&jean cloude vannier-« corpse flower »
38.carter tutti void-« triumvirate/t33 »
39.acid arab-« was was »
40.daevid allen-« she doesn`t she…”
41.the Kaplan brothers- “happy”
42.kak-“electric sailor”
43.singapore sling-“sugar and shite”
44.moon duo-“stars are the light”
46.moodymann-“I think of Saturday”
47.rex the dog-“vortex”(radio edit)
49.roman flügel-“fun fort”
50.fela kuti-“mr. grammerticagylisationalism is the boss”(blond:ish mix)(radio edit)
51.!!!-“$50 million”
52.jacques green-“for love”