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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 14/07/15

1.alva noto-“xerrox Spiegel”

2.nils frahm-“pendulum”( music for the motion picture Victoria)

3.nicolas jaar-“three windows”

4.four Tet-“evening side”(excerpt)


6.thundercat-“hard times”

7.df tram-“illegal lingo” feat. Coppe

8.julie London-“cry me a river”

9.beth hart&joe bonamassa-“ain`t no way”

10.craig Leon-“orchestral suite no.3 in d major( a cover of j.s Bach piece)

11.the sir Douglas quintet-“a whiter shade of pale”- live( a procol harum cover)

12.broadcast-“tears in the typing pool”

13.rickie lee jones-“infinity”

14.lee bannon-“suffer gene”


16.nick nicely-“lobster dobbs”

17.people in control-“when it`s war”

18.nina simone-“here comes the sun”( a Beatles cover)

19.naytronix-“mr. divine”

20.buffy Sainte- Marie-“love charms(mojo bijoux)”

21.felix laband-“squeeze the trigger”

22.jaakko eino kalevi-“mind like muscle”

23.marcel artero-“les drogue`s du 45 tours”

24.young Karin-« bones »

25.la priest-« learning to love »

26.charli xcx-“you(ha ha ha)”(lindstrom rmx)


28.partok matushka apfelberg-“nai nai”

29.rui Maia-“trinty of thunder”

30.elektro guzzi-“atlas”(kink mix)

31.naduve-“miracles from Edirne”feat. Gilad weiss

32.suuns+Jerusalem in my heart-“seif”

33.the cortinas-“fascist dictator”

34.sleaford mods-“livable shit”

35.the mothmen-“factory/teapoint/factory”

36.zzz-“wild girl”

37.robert Marlow-“the face of durian gray”

38.supersister-“memories are new”

39.embryo-“back to Africa”

40.azitis-“hope to save”

41,gene Clark-“is yours is mine”

42.the see see-“the day that was the day”

43.the illusion-“life”

44.shadows of knight-“uncle wiggley`s airship”

45.tiefschwarz feat. Khan-“free falling”


47.westbam&nena-“fuck reality”(old school baby piano mix)