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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 14/05/2019

1.rone-“draft 38”
2.craig leon-“the gates made plain”(radio edit)
3.andreas vollenweider-“stella”
4.amon tobin-“on a hilltop sat the moon”
5.david lynch&angelo badelamenti-“shelly”(from twin peaks soundtrack season two series)
6.denis frajerman-“wie der wind am ende einer strasse”(amon düül 2 cover)
7.bark psychosis-„nothing feels“
8.deadbeat&camara-„to love is to bury“(cowboy junkies cover)
9.moses sumney-“don’t bother calling”
10.susanna&the brotherhood of our lady-“beautiful life”
11.lambchop-“the air is heavy and I should be listening to you”
12.samy Birnbach-“hadber itcha”(a dedication to the song`s composer alona turel r.i.p)
13.unkle-“powder man”
14.doris day-“que sera sera(whatever will be will be)(a dedication to doris day r.i.p)
15.glen hansard-“leave a light”
18.sasami-“free”feat.devendra banhart
19.drug dealer-“you got to be kidding”
20.these new puritans-“into the fire”
21.roly-“roly pin”
22.anderson paak-“twilight”
23.prins Thomas-“foreplay”(excerpt)&”xsb”
24.gerry read-“satyricon”(dj koze rmx)
25.pye corner audio-“deeper dreaming”
26.caterina Barbieri-“arrows of time”
27.fat white family-“oh Sebastian”
28.death and vanilla-“vespertine”
29.weyes blood-“Andromeda”
30.aldous harding-“fixture picture”
32.bill plummer-“the look of love”
33.chris forsyth-“tomorrow might as well be today”
34.teeth of the sea-“hiraeth”
35.the chemical brothers-“catch me I m falling”
36.the residents-“cantoten to der dyin prunen”
37.care of the cow-“European trains”
38.hunter complex-“night city”
39.poni hoax-“Budapest”
41.mark stewart-“favour”
42.jah wobble-“making my own way”
43.churchill s-“born in the wrong place”
44.the 40 watt banana-“nirvana”
45.the mystery lights-“too much tension”
46.king gizzard &the lizard wizard-“this thing”
47.gang of four-“lucky”
48.ritual howls-“all I ve known”
49.fred und luna-“der elektrolektor”
50.zoe sinatra-« mais qu`est-ce que tu fumes? »