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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 13/10/15

1.ben Salisbury and Geoff barrow-“the test worked”
3.king midas sound&fennesz-“we walk together”
4.desolate-“indistinct shapes in the gloom”
6.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“Dorothy”
7.barbara Morgenstern with Hauschka-“meins sollte meins sein”
8.bernard fevre-„le monde avait 5 ans“
9.lana del rey-« 24 »
10.low-« the innocents »
11.the twilight sad-“sometimes I wished I could fall asleep”
13.menik-“rush”(feat. Lylli)
14.brigitte fontaine-“quand tu n
es pas la”
15.antoine-« un elephant me regarde »
16.richard hawley-« nothing like a friend »
17.gorilla-“go cry to yer momma”
18.python lee Jackson feat. Rod stewart-“in a broken dream”
19.the lovin
spoonful-“coconut grove”
20.mild high club-“the chat”
21.tim love lee-“pie eyed and sky high”
22.harvey mandel-“lights out”
23.new age steppers-“animal space”
24.ancient astronauts-“all of the things you do”feat.tippa irie(forces of nature rmx)
25.bachar mar-khalife-“lemon”
26.mbongwena star-“suzanna”
27.hecta-“sympathy for the auto industry”
28.holtoug-“stay in love”(orig.)
29.marbert rocel-“unwillingly close”
30.isa gt-“melo komo dub”
31.coma-“poor knight”
32.aksak maboul-“mastoul alakefak”(Krikor rmx)
33.shoc corridor-“iceberg”
34.the poets-“thats the way its got to be”
35.the illusion-“if it`s so”
36.the deviants-“rumbling”
37.hills-“death will find a way”
38.monster magnet-“cobras and fire(hallucination bomb)”
39.richard hell and the voidoids-“the kid with the replaceable head”
40.p.i.l-“know how”
41.luminance-“the grey”
42.morgan hammer-“killer nighter”
43.marc resmann-“hello again”
44.the golden filter-“drowned”
45.bufiman-“die mumie”
46.cherushü-„everything is in color“