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Lysergic Factory – 13/09/2016

1.the other people place-“sunrays”(excerpt)

2.marielle v jakobsons-“the sinking of the sky”

3.thom sonny green-“Christ”

4.shlomi bracha-“haava(love)”

5.the penelopes&Morpheus-“4`47”

6.suzanne kraft-“tiles”

7.Glen Campbell-“Wichita lineman”

8.ryley walker-“I will ask you twice”

9.judy Henske&jerry yester-“lullaby”

10.cass mccombs-“low flyin`bird”

11.karen Dalton-“in a station”(the band cover)

12.the veils-“iodine and iron”

13.nick cave-“jesus alone”

14.the album leaf-“glimmering lights”


16.blood orange-“chance”+”best to you”

17.gruppe between-“katakomben”

18.gerhard Heinz-“all you ever need is beat”

19.portable/alan Abrahams-“the frozen lake” feat. Kinoo

20.it`s a fine line-“vaguement froid”

21.de la soul-“drawn” feat. Little dragon

22.allen gainsberg-« going to san diego »

23.the chocolate watchband-“i`m not like everybody else”(a kinks cover)

24.devo-“words get stuck in my throat”(live at the mabuhay gardens, s.f 1977)

25.pere ubu-“the modern dance”

26.executive slacks-“our lady (yoof dub)(prod. By youth)

27.basement 5-“heavy traffic”

28.thee oh sees-“gelatinous cube”


30.the chemical brothers-“the devil is in the beats”(from hanna orig. motion picture soundtrack)

31.wassermann-“die schallplatte”(video mix)

32.fur coat-„desire of mine“ feat. Delhia

33.red axes/Moscoman/Krikor-“Subaru pasha”(roman flügel dub mix)

34.acid arab-“le disco”feat.rizan said

35.mugwump-“breakdown”(ivan smagghe&cross version)

36.the orb-“alpine(sin in space pt. 2)(prins Thomas rmx)

37.paul Woolford-“mother&child”(hotflush promo)

38.benedikt frey-“out of here”(roman flügel`s cosmic disco drama rework)

39.hidden spheres-“well well”

40.trikk-“several(gysin dub)”

41.john cravache-“le desir de rester petit”(cubo rmx)
streaming film Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks 2017