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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 13/11/2018

1.vymethoxy redspiders-“perspective one”
2.craig Armstrong-“in a remote place”
3.konrad kraft-“arc 2”
4.oliver coates-“prairie”
5.shakti with john mclaughlin-“lotus feet”
6.ulrich schnauss&mark peters-“forgotten”
7.shy layers-„famous faces“
8.yma sumac and Moises vivanco-“ripui(farewell)
9.DF tram-“broken neck”
10.bugge wesseltoft&prins Thomas-“epilog”
11.bob Dylan-“you`re a big girl now”(take 2)
12.denis frajerman-“entre les murs”
13. moondog project by katia labeQue/david chelmin/Massimo pupillo/Raphael seguinier-“all is lonrliness”
14.jaye jayle-“path four:accepting”
15.bruce hack-“untitled2”
16.rejoicer-“alien sphere”
17.cat power-“you get”
18.phosphorescent-“Christmas down under”
19.gazelle twin-“tea rooms”
20.max cooper-“hope”
21.beak-“birthday suite”
23.all them witches-“half tongue”
24.kuni kawachi&his group-“the cat”
25.escape-ism-“exorcist stairs”
26.einstürzende neubauten-“GS 3“
27.tony joe white-„polk salad annie“
28.johnny wah wah Watson-“cry baby”
29.the amazing snakeheads-“I m a vampire”
30.mick ness-“open rooms”
31.villagers-“this is the art of pretending to swim”
32.marie Davidson-“the psychologist”
33.el aviador dro y sus obreros especializados-« gestalt »
34.adult-« this behavior »
35.the freeborne-«inside people »
36.plastic cloud-“epistle to paradise”
37.vibravoid-“Apollo 69”
38.the orange machine-“DR Crippen waiting room”
39.michal prukop framus five-“kapela”
41.bigoudis-„punk and roll“
42.guerilla toss-“Jackie s daughter”
43.uriah klapter-“breeze”
45.catz n dogz-“dont”(roman flugel rmx)
46.donato dozzy-“TB square”
47.andrew weatherall-“making friends with the invader”
48.dalholt&langkilde-“je m apple spacey”