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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 13/08/2019

1.CaPa-“alesian wind”

2.avina Vishnu-“transforma b/4”

3.eno-“last step from the surface”

4.the transparency-“magnets”

5.peter baumann-“ordinary wonder”(radio edit)

6.erik wollo-“soft journey”

7.robag wruhme-“westfal”

8.daniel bacalov-“tai”

9.mort garson-“symphony for a spider plant”+”baby`s tears blues”

10.mndson- “slapppp+“chips” feat. Jon bap

11.khruangbin-“how I love”

12.robb Huxley-“when ur gone”(2019 version)

13.fay shapiro-“simi libech”

14.wuhti-“dharma drama”

15.glen Campbell-“reason to believe”(a tim hardin cover)

16.thom yorke-“last I heard(he was circling the drain)”

17.michel gonet-“opening”

18.tom rapp(aka pearls before swine)-“blind river”

19.dugdealer-“my life” feat. Danny james

20.kit Sebastian-“with a sense of grace”

21.vanishing twin-“planete sauvage”

22.david axelrod-“earth rot/the signs pt. 3”

23.nino ferrer-“rondeau”


25.marti berries-“ahbe casaba”(edan ahbez cover)

26.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“ston stauraito”

27.dennis young-“feels good”



30.damon locks& black monument ensemble-“power”

31.don cherry-“brown rice”

32.the art ensemble of Chicago-“Saturday morning”



35.fujiya&miyagi-“dying swan act”

36.oedipus&the mothers-“(I remember)how it used to be”

37.mandrake paddle steamer-“pandemonium shadow show”

38.moby grape-“leaving”(live 67)

39.pere ubu-“what I heard on the pop radio”

40.richard Hawley-“off my mind”

41.psychedelic porn crumpets-“keen for kick ons?”

42.fat white family-“fine mess”

43.edwards hand-“days of our life”

44.anne lorrie-“delivrez moi”

45..cosmo vitelli-“die alraume”

46.cortex(aka Freddie waddling r.i.p)-“fear of glass”

47.fad gadget-“ricky`s hand”

48.enzo kreft-“in my head”

49.simple symmetry-“erikidu”(adam port tulun by night edit)

50.john sex-“bump and grind it”

51.shakti-“the awakening”

52.lost souls of Saturn-“the awakening”(james holden`s past life rave regression)