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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 13/02/2018

1.kuniyuki takahashi-“night at the seaside”
2.sven weisemann-“garden of fantasy”
3.gatto fritto-„solar flares burn for you“
4.pearls before swine/tom rapp-“rocket man”
5.russian linesman-“the trigan empire”(Russian linesman ambient mix)
6.dawn people-“evrybath”
7.susanna-“wilderness”(a joy division cover)
8.vashti bunyan and gareth Dickson-“ the thoughts of mary jane”(a nick drake cover)
10.dancing fantasy-“voodoo jammin”(eros mix)
11.mickey newbury-“Shenandoah”
12.the liminanas-“de la part des copains”
13.dillard&clark-“why not your baby”
14.hc mcentire-“baby s got the blues”
15.novaks kapelle-“country love”
16.mick ness-“north east slope”
17.al simones-“window”
18.minnie riperton-“lovin you”
19.danit-“cuatro vientos”(reykjavik rmx/radio edit)
20.vox low-“we can t be blamed”
21.schlammpeitziger-“what I got”
22.mgmt-“when you re small”
23.dj oil-“maybe”
24.the residents-“poisoned popcorn”
25.cohgs feat. Little annie-“46 things I did today”
26.rhoda with the special aka-“the boiler”
27.kevin ayers-“religious experience(singing a song in the morning)” feat. Syd barrett
28.forever pavot-“the most expensive chocolate eggs”
29.django Django-“beam me up”
30.roxy music-“Virginia plain”(from the john peel sessions-18/7/72)
31.andrew weatherall-“vorfreude 2”
32.charis dave and the drumheads-“destiny n stereo”(feat. Elzhi. Phonte coleman&eric Roberson)
33.the fool-“lay it down”
34.the baroques-“iowa a girl s name”
35.dirt music-“outrage”
36.hookworms-“the soft season”
37.king gizzard and the lizard lizard-“horology”
38.nils frahm-“kaleidoscope”
39.the xxxxxxxx-“kinder punsch”
40.the belbury circle-« cloudburst five »
41.xenia bellayeva-“so true”
42.x ray pop-“la machine a rever”(red axes edit)
43.severed heads-“nature 1 0”
44.101 strings-“flameout”
45.buffy sainte-marie-“power in the blood”
46.sabd-“message 45”
47.laidback-“don t step on the grass”(rmx)
48.moodymann-“on my way home”
49.rodion&local suicide-“true love floats”