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Lysergic Factory – 12/08/2014 – La Playlist

1.michel gravil( aka  nova nova)-“formentera”(def mix).2.lcc-“graphein”.3.brett naucke-“intro to the visitor”.4.crimekillz-“wolves”.5.jon hassell-“emerald city”.6.alex Barnett-“focus wind”.7.silje nes-“mirrored”.8.michael red-“harpoon”.9.boris blank-“a touch of magic”.10.anna calvi-“papi pacify”.

11.warpaint-“son”.12.engineers-“drive your car”.13.taylor mcferrin-“decisions”feat. Emily king.14.lana del rey-“fucked my way up to the top”.15.the acid-“animal”.16.tender games-“too late”.17.son lux-“ lost it to trying”(mouths only lying).18.kate tempest-“theme from becky”.19.kenja nai-“yuge”.

20.peter Howell&the bbc radiophonic workshop-“the astronouts”.21.mr. flash-“dazzle in the dusk”.22.marie Minerva-“hingedeöö”.23.renaldo&the loaf-“cast iron smile”.24.leoni Anderson-“rats in my room”.25.automat-“schlachtensee” feat.blixa bargeld.26.graham lewis-“it`s hard”.27.lucky elephant-“the british working man”.28.hubbabubbaklubb-“mopedbart”.29.magnus-“puppy”.

30.macy gray-“bang bang”.31.liars-“anti pro anti”( Daniel miller rmx).32.falty dl-“new haven”.33.maestro-“mechant”.34.coves-“cast a shadow”.35.the goastt(aka sean lennon & charlotte kemp muhl)-“midnight sun”.36.jigsaw-“tumblin”.37.brainticket- from”celestial ocean” lp.38.paper garden-“raining”.39.the flower pot men-“let`s go to san Francisco(pts 1&2)”.

40.things to come-“tomorrow”.41.the electric toilet-“within your state of mind”.42.the united states of America-“do you follow me”.43.group 1850-“we love life”.44.chrome-“tomorrow yesterday”.45.blues pills-“black smoke”.46.fucked up-“paper the house”.47.radion g.a-“disco mania”.48.wrangler-“space ace”.49.luminance-“les loups”.

50.boris blank-“body electric”.51.john Addison(from the film a taste of honey)-“big ship sails on the alley-alley-o”.