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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 12/07/16

1.odesza-“how did I get here”

2.gold panda-“I am real punk”

3.pantha du prince-“wallflowers for pale saints”feat.queens

4.olafur arnalde feat. Arnor dan-“say my name”(destiny`s child cover)

5.james blake-“my willing heart”

6.cat`s eyes-“treasure house”


8.beyond the wizards sleeve-“tomorrow, forever”

9.sepalcure-“hurts so bad”

10.death in vegas-“strom”

11.the treepeople-“grandfather”

12.sei A-“exit”feat.daudi matsiko

13.beak-“the cornubia”

14.tom rush-“no regrets”

15.swans-“when will I return”

16.elvis Costello-“I want you”

17.death and vanilla-“ascend and descend”

18.cherry Garcia-“mystic mountain”

19.eric Copeland-“radio weapons”

20.condor gruppe-“single foot”(a tribute to moondog)

21.bader motor-“je pleure une lotte 49”

22.psychic ills-« all alone »

23.higher authorities-« colour »

24.lush-“out of control”

25.kutiman-“shine again”(taso vip rmx)

26.haley bonar-“I can change”

27.miyagi,sascha braemer,dan caster-“woodpeckers love affair”feat.jan blom quist(radio mix)

28.the monkees-“birth of an accidental hipster”(written by noel gallegher&paul weller)

29.ten fe`-“make me better”(unkle reconstruction)

30.the allergies-“heartbreaker”

31.dj shadow-“mambo”

32.public service broadcasting-“go!”(errors rmx)


34.nu,raz ohara,jo.k.e,Johannes laumer,Christopher schwarzwalder-“ocean tree”

35.magical ring-“touch as much”

36.trentemöller-“river in me”(trentemöller rmx)

37.the peppers-“pepper box”

38.todd terje&the olsens-“disco circus”(dan tyler rmx)

39.radion&mijo-“el future”(Damon jee rmx)

40.mr T.C-“surf&destroy”

41.jean-pierre Castelain “dernières impressions”

42.un dos tres y fuera-« son de tambor y San juan »

43.the underground-« mind jammer »

44.rainbow family-« travellin` lady”

45.stone garden-“oceans inside me”

46.holy fuck-“caught up”

47.nacht ubd nebel-“robot robot”

48.rinf-„big bondage“(kinky sex wet mix by a. Sherwood)

49.trummerschlunk+ivan capriles-“frau base(abgelehnt.leider voll)