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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 12/05/15

1.michael price-“a bridge”




5.bill fay-“war machine”

6.mr&Mississippi-“we only part to meet again”


8.the left banke-“pretty ballerina”

9.villagers-“no one to blame”

10.other lives-“fair weather”

11.etienne jaumet-“midnight man”(gilb`r midnight mix)

12.shlohmo-“ten days of falling”

13.jamie xx-“sunrise”

14.holger czukay-“breathtaking”

15.matthias reiling-“speechless”

16.anna caragnano&donato dozzy-“love without sound”(white noise cover version)

17.death and vanilla-“necessary distortions”

18.curtis Mayfield-“hard times”

19.descendant(aka niko marks)-“this one” feat. Herschel boone(rmx)

20.todd terje-“alfonso muskedunder”(bullion rmx)

21.nosaj thing-„cold stares” feat. Chance the rapper

22.the amorphous androgynous-“regrets and the damage done”(lost in edit rmx of `an ocean of regret)

23.johannes brecht-“nuages”(slow version)

24.martin gore-“southerly”

25.jacco gardner-“another you”

26.hot chocolate-“emma”

27.django Django-“first light”

28.veronique vincent&aksak maboul-“the aboriginal variations”(mix by marc Collin)

29.james pants-“black”


31.steve cobby-“everywhere&everywhen”

32.from russ meyer`s original motion picture soundtrack of beyond the walley of the dolls- ( music by stu phillips)-“come with the gentle people” feat. Caraie nations

33.this soft machine-“on&on”

34.francesca Belmonte-“are you”


36.shriekback vs.thee caretakers-“softest eis”

37.free-“all right now”(edit)


39.mahk&Morpheus-“desert”( a section 25 cover version)

40.the electric flag-“sittin` in circles”

41.rainbow ffolly-“she`s alright”

42.the gods-“penny dear”+”long time,sad time, bad time”

43.syd Arthur-“born to live born to die-dorothy(the amorphous androgynous rmx)

44.five or six-“f for fake”

45.red axes-“pil sagol”

46.xen-“bells”(red axes rmx)

47.jaga jazziest-“oben”(todd terje rmx)

48.hot chip-„need you now“(excerpt)

49.george fitzgerld-“full circle”