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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 12/04/16


2.red stars over Tokyo-“a room with no air”

3.moby-“blue paper”

4.vangelis-“venezia”(from the amore film soundtrack)

5.evangelist/gavin clark&toy drum-“holy holy”

6.cubenx-“our fire”(orig. video edit)

7.explosions in the sky-“landing cliffs”


9.randweg-“morning glory”

10.blancmange-“jack knife”

11.al green-“i`m so lonesome I could cry”(a hank Williams cover)

12.barry adamson-“claw and wing”

13.taylor mcferrin-“postpartum”(dorian concept rmx)

14.cavern of anti-matter-“black glass action”

15.unloved-“when a woman is around”

16.thundercat-“lone wolf and cub”

17.oriente oggi-“citta orientale”

18.submotion orchestra-“in gold”(keep shelly in Athens rmx)

19.the dandelion set-“another suburban romance-finale”

20.oum shatt-“trains, trains”

21.diryal galaxy(aka soulwax)-“cybernetic permutations in the key of A”

22.niv ast-“one time”

23.primal scream-“I can change”

24.peter bjorn and john-“what you talking about”

25.the love drones-“nomad”

26.woodleigh research facility(aka Andrew weatherall&nina walsh)-“taqiya” feat. Youth(excerpt)

27.prince rama-“bahia”

28.dave dee,dozy,beaky,mick&tich-“zabadak”

29.laila&deewee(aka soulwax)-“the other me”

30.andrew weatherall-“kicking the river”

31.nisennenmondai-“#3”(Adrien Sherwood prod.)

32.underworld-“nylon strung”

33.pointe du lac-“iridescent lake”

34.connie price&the keystones wildflowers-“balloon ride”

35.steeple remove-“unclean”( a psychic tv cover)

36.puscifer-“the arsonist”

37.chrissy zebby tembo-“i`m not made of iron”

38.the red Crayola-“hurricane fighter plane”

39.hookworms-“I have some business out west”

40.all them witches-“mountain”

41.sextile-“truth and perception”

42.the oscillation-“take us to the moon”

43.actor`s studio-“dancing alone”

44.xymox-“moscovite mosquito”

45.yula kasp-“conscious(orig.)

46.die wilde jagd-“durch dunkle tannen”

47.front de cadeaux-„ouvre ta bouche“(gabe gurnsey factory floor rmx)

48.cosmo vitelli-« a cruel story »