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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 12/12/2017

1.sugai ken-“doujiri”
2.lucky sun-“air”
4.visible cloaks-“wheel”
5.dan deacon-“pelican”(from the original motion picture rat film soundtrack)
7.tom Rogerson with brian eno-“the gobbard”
8.duenda india collective-“mathematics of rain”
9.pauline anna strom-“gossamer silk”
10.acid pauli-„release“(from the original motion picture es war einmal indianer land soundtrack)
11.sonoko-“l oiseau bleu”
12.forever pavot-« jonathan et rosalie »
13.manu delago-« bow »
14.kenneth james gibson-« disinclined to vacate”
15.bjork-“future forever”
16.nerina pallot-“bird”
17.peter hammill-“anagnorisis”
18.jim james-“hide in plain sight”
19.ocs-“the baron sleeps and dreams”
20.eriksson delcroix-“dead bird”
21.linda perhacs-“crazy love”(feat. The autumn defense)
22.michael head&the red plastic band-“working family”
23.islandman-“tawhid”(Kenneth bager edit)
24.leonard nimoy-“music to watch space girls by”
25.charlotte gainsbourg-“les crocodiles”
26.nino ferrer-“looking for you”
27.tuxedomoon-“weinacht rap”
28.coil-“a cold cell in Bangkok”
30.alan vega-“prayer”
31.manfred mann chapter three-“devil woman”
32.cabaret nocturne-“occult spells”(black light smoke rmx)
33.billy Mackenzie-“opal krusch”( prod. By Thomas fehlmann&moritz von oswald)
34.todh teri(aka todd terje)-„from deep in india vol.2- track 3
36.siglo xx-“some have laughter”
37.lora logic-“stop halt”
38.kalbata-“enkuan pt. 2”
39.deutsche wertarbeit-“deutscher wald”
40.daphni-“life s what you make it”
41.the deviants-“Jamie s song”
42.snapped ankles-“let s revel”
43.dead rider-“the floating dagger”
44.justine-“happy house”( a siouxie&the banshees cover)
45.mark renner-“few traces”
46.john maus-“bombs away”
47.informatics-“proximity switch”
48.pas de deux-«lits jumeaux »