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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 11/10/2016

1.biosphere-“fall asleep for me”
2.jon Hopkins-“lost in thought”
3.soundwalk collective&jesse paris smith feat.patti smith-“fearfully in danger”(live)(a nico cover)
4.yair yona-“sword”
7.hatchback-“white diamond”
8.mind lotion-“dreamscape”
9.the swan and the lake-“deep red”feat.anders brandt
10.death and vanilla-“the dödens vaniljsas theme”
11.modaji-“belle epoQue”(alucidnation rmx)
12.roger glover-« love is all »
13.the cowsills-“the rain, the park and other things”
14.the liminanas feat. Peter hook-“garden of love”(lundi mouillemix)
15.mndsgn-“the origin interlude”
16.bogus order-“ex voto”
17.nick cave&the bad seeds-“I need you”
18.55 cancri e-“11”(orig. mix)
19.zonra-“another rotation”
20.jose manuel-“sisi”
21.juana Molina-“el vestido”
22.magic mountain high-“spacepod”(club dubz)
23.grumbling fur-“strange the friends”
24.trentemoller-“my conviction”
25. veronique vincent&aksak maboul
s-“veronika winken”(version by bullion)
26.machinedrum-“celestial levels”
27.silver apples-“the rain”
28.steve cobby&dave porky-“Dresden”
29.il est vilaine-“jungle myth”
30.goat-« try my robe »
31.the beach boys vs.j.dilla-« sloppy jay d. »
32.de la soul-“lord intended” feat. Justin hawkins ( from the darkness)»
33.sano-« los muchachos”
34.dj click-“ganga”(radio edit)
35.albion-“mahatma mambo”
36.portable/alan Abrahams-“more than”
37.golden bug-“taste of love” feat. Pajaro sunrise
38.digitron-“digital minds”
39.michael jackson-„off the wall“( written by rod temperton r.i.p)
40.felix laband-“righteous red berets(luke vibert rmx)
41.middle skyboom&Eliezer-“prism birds”(danielli baldelli&dj Rocca rmx)
42.moscoman-“silent thunder”
43.la femme-“mycose”
44.yello-“kiss the cloud” feat.fifi rong
45.the music machine-“the people in me”
46.captain beefheart-“crazy little thing”