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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 11/08/15

1.ghost harmonic(aka john foxx, benge,diana yukawa)-“a green thought in a green shade”

2.john beltran-“ heavy weather”

3.model alpha-“renaissance”

4.A coral room-“haufwerke”

5.malfinia ensemble-“malfinia ondo”


7.seahawks-“didn`t know I was lost”

8.jose padilla-“maybe the sunset”feat. Lydmor

9.colombey-“quelque chose pour moi”

10.df tram-« the mystery »

11.richie havens-« i pity the poor immigrant »(a bob dylan cover)

12.Fleetwood mac-“before the beginning”

13.mother funk-“sunshine”

14.ronnie lane+pete Townshend-“annie”

15.gill landry-“bad love”

16.the brians-“I woke up hooked:the clouds&rainbow theory”

17.jerusalem in my heart-“yudagh degh el-ka 3ey walal-ghanam”(he titillates the shepherd but not the sheep…)


19.rickie lee jones-“waltz de mon pere”(lovers`oath)

20.ratatat-« i will return »

21.homeboy sandman-“holiday”(kosi&fink`s edit)

22.joakim-“each other”(vicram rmx)

23.tame impala-“past life”

24.hunee-“burning flower”

25.leonardo ceccanti-“cosmic summer”

26.das complex-“without eyebrow”

27.mild high club-“window pane”

28.la priest-“fabby”

29.gengahr-“she`s a witch”

30.nelly Perrier-“un soir d`ete”

31.automat-« plusminus »

32.sleaford mods-« bronx in a six »

33.public service broadcasting-“go!”

34.sunset strip-“mercy killing”

35.majic ship-“Wednesday morning crew”

36.white witch-“you`re the one”

37.satan`s pilgrims-“in the past”

38.the illusion-“angel”

39.serpent power(2015)-“serpent power”

40.pink industry-“walk away”

41.R dion and mammarell-“totem”(flavien berger blue light tavern rmx)

42.dominatrix-“play it safe”(iggy pop&david bowie cover)

43.chrome-“the inevitable”


45.the chemical brothers-“go”

46.stellar om source-“never”

47.severed heads-“big car”(crash dub)

48.laidback-“beautiful day”(trentemöller vs. bonzail republic)

49.jean-michel jarre&m83-“glory”(radio mix)