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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 11/09/2018

1.olafur arnalds-“re:member”
2.loke rahbek&Frederik valentin-“world in camouflage”
3.coil- “chalice”
4.paul de jong-“almost doomed”
5.roger eno-“moonlight drive”
6.alex kassian-“birds of bahia”
7.varg-“archive 1-spit sugar free red bull into my mouth”
8.thomas fehlmann-“geworden”
9.DF TRAM-“sandcastles”(the irresistible force rmx)
10.low-“dancing and fire”
11.mark lanegan&duke garwood-“scarlett”
12.the amorphous androgynous-“the mello hippo disco show”
13.fleetwood mac-“sunny side of heaven”
14.jaye jayle-“path two:no trail”
15.move D-beyond the machine”
16.cat power-“woman”feat.lana del rey
17.tunng-“dream in”
18.the residents-“loss:the weatherman”(danny Spiteri&Jason hally burton version)
19.ned collette-“stateless brave”
20.the chambers brothers-“I wish it would rain”(the temptions cover)
21.bill brandon-“stop this merry-go-round”
22.bobby beausoleil-“jai kala!”
23.oliver coates-« norrin radd dreaming »
24.benoit b-“vague a l ame »
25.station 17&günter schickert-« der schimmelreiter rückwärts »
26.beak-„brean down“
27.marie davidson-„ma vie sans toi“
28.nova materia-« on av »
29.pyrolator-« im nachtbus »
30.black lodge-« wodwo »
31.ross from friends-“the beginning”
32.public service broadcasting-“people will always need coal”
33.axel boman&miljon-“forgot about you”(piano version)
34.off the meds-“currency low”
35.red axes-“sipoor”
36.bjorn torske-“chord control”
37.carlotto-“come with me”(i-robots reconstruction)
38.syclops(aka Maurice fulton)-“pink eye”
39.nine circles-“whats there left”
40.zombies-“extranos juegos”
41.the slaves-“never free”( don everly cover)
42.the factory-“try a little sunshine”
43.the dave clark five-“concentration baby”
44.wire-“second length(our swimmer)”
45.the gun club-“sex beat”
46.oh sees-“beat quest”
47.superorganism-“everybody wants to be famous”(cedric Gervais rmx)