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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 11/02/2020

1.oliver doerell-“hands”
2.first tone-“recollection”
3.marc barreca-“the cult of saint Jerome”
4.richard fearless-“vision of you”
5.yui onodera-“cromo 4”
6.john beltran-“fernweh”
7.patrick Cowley-“before original sin”
8.daniel lopatin-“uncut gems”
9.bill fay-“one life”
10.marcus king-“no pain”
11.cigarettes after sex-“cry”
12.uzun havalar-“78 yilinin en uzun dakikasi”
13.michael kiwanuka-“piano joint(this kind of love)”
14.teebs-“prayer 1”
17.doctor fluorescent-“butterfly jury”
18.gili kimchi-“stuck”
19.hi-fi:wi-fi-“mad ame”
20.arthur Russell-“come to life”
21.khruangbin&leon bridges-“texas sun”
22.gil Scott heron-“I’ll take care of you”
23.dj shadow-“slingblade”
24.the gb`s&bootsy Collins-“more mess on my thing”( 70`s)
25.david Matthews-“sittin here on a tongue”(70`s)
26.marcus worgull&pascal Schafer-“cautious”
27.julien gase-“la treve international”
28.dub mentor feat.karni postel-“love etc.”
29.sudan archives-“confessions”
30.zenobia-“funky egal”
31.rose city band-“wondering feeling”
32.nicolas Godin-“what makes me think about you”
33.u-Bahn-“goodbye placenta”
34.people like us-“do you see what I hear”
35.tyler the creator-“earfquake”
36.matt berry-“take a bow”
37.mr. elevator-“anywhere”
38.anna Meredith-“inhale exhale”
39.warmduscher-“precious things”
41.renaldo and the loaf-“hambu hodo”(7” version)
42.chromatics-“closer to grey”
43.soma-“white robes”(from the 80`s beauty now for the future compilation)
44.las kellies-“funny money”
45.dan deacon-“sat by a tree”
46.holy fuck-“near mint”
47.dukes of stratosphere-“little lighthouse”(2019 stereo)
48.fortis-“nahalaim/shoes edit mix by red axes
49.grimes-“so heavy I fell through the earth”