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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/11/15

1.different fountains-“left handed”


3.t.raumshmiere-“sleeping pills and habits”

4.king midas&fennesz-“lighthouse”

5..the velvet underground-“sad song”(demo)

6.len leise-“forlorn fields”

7.blue daisy-“my heart”

8.the sound capsule-“control the spectrum”(original concept for songs by bruce haack)

9.connan moccasin&devonte` hynes(aka blood orange)-“big distant crush”

10.ray Charles-“how deep is the ocean”

11.roots manuva-“stepping hard”

12.lee Dorsey-“working in a coal mine”(allen Toussaint cover)

13.steve moore-“ arp 188”

  1. blond:ish-“shy grass”

15.the doors-“wintertime love”

16.harmonia-“tiki-taka”(at harmonia studio in forst(1975)

17.leo Abrahams-“daylight”


19.odd numbers-“Riviera”

20.twice a man-“high in the clouds”

21.hox(graham lewis&a.karpeeyd)-“it’s too much”

22.luke vibert-“war”

23.arbeid adelt-“mediteranee”

24.larry gus-„black veil of fail“

25.maribou state-“the clown” feat. Pedestrian(axel boman edit rmx)

26.anthony Mansfield&jp soul-“what chu know about acid”

27.mugwump-“after they fall”(Eskimo twins rmx)

28.simon says-“alter ego”(tim paris re-interpretation)

29.the beatles-“it`s all too much”

30.the pretty things-“the same sun”

31.magnet monster-“time machine”

32.hills-“och solen sänkte sigröd”

33.rive gauche-„friends are friends“

34.visonia-„impossible romance“

35.luminance-„no second act“

36.hecta-„change is in our pocket“

37.youth stand up!-“tuteme vs. tafiatome at the green door”

38.munk-“the Wurlitzer wank”

39.jamie xx-“loud places” feat. Romy(barnt e-mix)

40.red axes-“waiting for a surprise” feat. Abrao

41.nazia hassan-“boom boom”

42.neumodel-“French coast” feat. camille