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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/05/2016

1.joe Acheson-“birds in the lion den”


3.sasha-“vapour trails”

4.john carpenter-“hofner dawn”

5.vangelis-“a song”

6.teho teardo&blixa bargeld-“the empty boat”

7.eno-“i« m set free”(a velvet underground cover)

8.merle haggard&willy nelson-“somewhere between”

9.murcof&wagner-“what arms are these for you”(murcof side)

10.barry adamson-“evil kind”


12.moonshine vol.1/forever pavot-“nos ve`los sous la pluie”(visitor version by Julien gasc)

13.sun ra-« enlightenment »

14.prince rama-« fantasy sochi »

15.associates-« international loner »

16.bibio-« with the thought of us »

17.invisible cities-“sunkissed”(mad professor sunkissed dub)

18.anti- matter cavern-“planetary folklore”

19.conner Youngblood-“a summer song”

20.tuxedomoon- tritone”(musica diablo)(aksak maboul rmx)

21.the dandelion set-“Judy switched the tv”


23.explosions in the sky-“disintegration anxiety”

24.fumrca preta-“latrampa”

25.blancmange-“red shift(blame thrower)”

26.die wilde jagd-“morgenrot”

27.visonia-“le dernier valse”

28.fauna twin-“water on mars”

29.bolis pupul(aka soulwax)-“sun theme”

30.chris coco-“it an tells ya”(ultramarine rmx)


32.public service broadcasting-“the other side”(radio edit)



35.the bleu forest-“a thousand trees deep”

36.the glass family-“house of glass”

37.the liminanas-“el beach”

38.sextile-“visions of you”


40.five or six-“polar exposure”


42.the neon judgement-“tv treated”(dave Clarke gothic rmx)

43.40 thieves feat. Nina lares-“take me i`m yours”(squeeze cover)

44.lea porcelain-“loose life”(roman flügel rmx)

45.shit robot-“end of the trail”(roman flügel rmx)

46.payfone-“catholic central”

47.galaxian&stingray 313-“totally controlled”