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Lysergic Factory – 10/03/2015

1.winter flags-“1993”.2.ariel kalma-“les etoiles sont allumees ».3.david elpezs-« brisa ».4.songs of green pheasant-« i am daylights ».5.cliff martinez-« chang and sword »(from the original film score “only god forgives”).6.aphex twin-“floating 8”.7.arthur-“Pandora”.8.craig Armstrong-“strange kind of love” feat. Katie o Halloran.9.portishead-“roads” (kero one rmx).10.yellowtail feat. Sarah white-“dark soul”(neo Tokyo soul edit).

11.the books-“vogt dig for kloppervok”.12.nostalgia 77&the monster-“island in the sun”.13.tim Buckley-“Moulin rouge”.14.melanie de biasio-“with all my love”(jonwayne rmx).15.laura nyro-“sweet lovin baby”.16.grasscut-“half-life”.17.fabrice du welz-“generique fin”(from the orig. film score Alleluia).18.john carpenter-“wraith”.19.mogwai-“history day”.20.bonnie&klein-“total blue”.

21.headman/robi insinna feat. Brassica-“work”(manfredas rmx).22.condor gruppe-“ondt blod”.23.mark lanegan band-“torn red heart”(moby rmx).24.vessels-“as you are”.25.mugwump-“halo”(feat. Luke jenner).26.model 500-“encounter”.27.etienne jaumet-“metallik cages”.28.perez-“les vacances continuent”(arnaud rebotini rmx 2 limit).29.dbfc-« leave my room ».30.il est vilaine-i`m a cliche edits service 53.

31.boot&tax-« Balkan youth ».32.dan deacon-« mind on fire ».33.desdemona ».34.alamo race track-« everybody lets go ».35.chamaeleon church-“camillia is changing”.36.jefferson airplane-“lather”.37.country joe and the fish-“magoo”.38.the smoke-“odyssey”.39.phil cordell-“red lady”.40.children of the mushroom-“you can t erase a mirror”.

41.five day week straw people-“five day week straw people”.42.the Yankee dollar-“city sidewalks”.43.the pop group-“s.o.p.h.i.m”.44.gang of four feat. Herbert grönemeyer-“the dying rays”.45.this grey city-“machines”.46.grum-“Sunday blue sky(ext. mix).47.mallorquin-“the planet I left behind”(excerpt).48.em vee-“sting”.