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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/02/2015

1.john beltran-“2093”.2.the notwist-“object 17”(from the kessier objects play).3.wesseltoft,Schwarz,Berglund-“movement seventeen”.4.robert perry-“5291989”.5.bob Dylan-“what`ll I do”.6.soul savers feat. Mark lanegan-“you will miss me when I burn”.7.craig Armstrong feat. Paul buchanan-“all around love”.8.vatican shadow/function-“ a year has gone by”.9.manu delago-“disqustingly beautiful” feat. Isa kurz.10.buttering trio-“voyage”.

11.ficci-“you shine” feat. Snowflake.12.odesza-“it`s only”.13.silk Rhodes-“barely new”.14.rone-“sir orfeo”.15.dj krush-“the lost voices” feat. Sly and Robbie.16.u roy-“runaway girl”.17.red motorbike-“fake glasses”(dub).18.vessels-“echo in”.19.boards of Canada-“olson”(rmx).20.pascal comelade&les liminanas-“wunderbar”.

21.john martyn-“john wayne”.22.d angelo-“till it s done(tutu)”. 23.beat spacek-“compact n sleep”.24.run the jewels-“all my life”.25.shiny boots-“susehke”.26.lonelady-“groove it out”.27.mugwump feat. Mungolian jet set-“until you`re worth it”(radio edit).28.acid arab-“Baghdad”.29.transllusion-“cluben in Guyana”.30.model 500-“sonic sunset”(cave mix).

31.the fallen angels-“silent garden”.32.relatively clean rivers-“journey through the valley of o”.33.jason crest-“place in the sun”.34.pisces-“children kiss your mother good night”.35.faine jade-“grand finale”.36.the far cry-“hellhound”.37.156075 the numbers band-“narrow road”.38.poli styrene jass band-“drano in your veins”39.modern eon-“euthenics”.40.sophya-“mute”.

41.cowboys international-“thrash”.42.thomas leer-“choices”.43.rodion-“stars&lights”.44.-w.l.45.a different jimi-“hi 5”.46.bordello a parici/ric piccolo-“take me”.47.gordon-“fagus”.