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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/09/2019

1.weathertunes-“ a way of life”
2.dino spiluttini-“”body at war”
3.anatolian weapons feat. Seirios savvaidis-“tarachti ketarrachti”(reprise)
4.salami rose joe louis-“cumulous potion(for the clouds to sing)
5.spirit-“open up your heart”
6.the transparency-“new sciences”
7.riff kitten-“deep sea”
8.dylan moon-“hope dog”
9.nev cottee-“roses” with veronika v.
10.takayuki shiraishi-“dance in the fog”
11.eno-“like I was a spectator”
12.mort carson-“music to soothe the savage snake plant”
13.pride( aka david&m.t axelrod)-“returning home”
14.polymood-“coke mountain”
15.dennis young-“Montezuma”
16.dj mitsu the beats-“constellations”
17.nx worries/knxwledge Anderson paak-“han”(yes lawd! Rmx)
19.kapitan( aka dori sadovnik)-“berries”
20.chairmen of the board-„skin i`m in”
21.was not was-“ I feel better than james brown”(locomotion edit)
22.modern nature-“criminals”
23.kit Sebastian-“kuytu”
24.hardy fox-“name”
25.pere ubu-“lovely day”
26.the residents-“if only”(from the godfather of odd a hardy fox tribute compilation)
27.hardy fox-“einmal gehen,zweimal gehen“
28.gaika-„swarming season“
29.lana del rey-„mariners apartment complex”
30.the white screen-“galil”
31.fay shapiro-“a dam`hu”
32.alexander tucker-“energy alphas”
33.world of oz-“like a tear”
34.buffalo springfield-“expecting to fly”
35.blue orchids-“i`m higher than i`m down”( the Aardvarks cover)
36.iggy pop-“we are the people”(text by lou reed)
37.l`epee( aka the liminanas&anton newcombe&Emmanuelle seigner)-“lou”
38.ride-“end game”
39.black pumas-“fire”
40.blaine l.reininger-“starsky”(from mädchen in koffer( and other results) movie soundtrack)
41.olta karawane- edit service 005
42.oh sees-“poisoned stones”
43.nasmak-“be spot”
44.lori and the chameleons-“touch”
45.cortex-“5 seconds”
46.enzo kreft-“scanned”
47.kalbata feat. Tigris-“revelation six”
48.the golden filter-“all the queens”
50.four tet-“annie painting”
51.department of eagles-“balmy night”