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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/07/2018

1.troels hammer-“lullabye”
2.tree bosier-“postcard 3”
3.leon vynehall-“ice cream”
4.kuniyuki takahashi-“Ai iro”
5.jason kolar-“the layout of failure”
6.kenneth james Gibson-“thirsty lullaby”
8.danny wolfers-“fantasy of a dream I ll take anything”
9.mazzy star-“quiet,the winter harbor”
10.uniting of opposites-“bird solo”
11.kikagaku moyo-“semicircle”
12.the space lady-“street of dreams”
13.russian linesman-“lonesome road”(patchy rmx)
14.aisha badru-“navy blues(acoustic)”
15.stupid cosmonaut-“post human”
17.bark psychosis-“burning the city”
19.miriam makeba-“forbidden games”
20.ray la montagne-“its always been you”
21.laurent pernice-“pim pam poum”
22.lykke li-« jaguars in the air »
23.ryley walker-“can t ask why”
24.paul de jong(ex- the books)-“johnny no cash »
25.lee hazlewood-“the nights”
26.nora dean-“ay ay (angle lalo)
27.ame-“give me your ghost”feat.jens kuross
28.oneohtrix point never-“toys 2”
29.jon hassell-“slipstream”
30.orb-“wish I had a pretty dog”
31.villagers-“a trick of the light”(radio edit)
32.buscemi-“luna misteriosa” feat. Luigi catalano
33.ingus bauskenieks-« spoki »
34.the zanies-“ the mad scientist”
35.project Pablo-“less and less”
36.montevideo-“fun house”(joakim rmx)
37.family-“drowned in wine”
38.the byrds-“5D(fifth dimension)
39.the holy mackerel-“10.000 men”
40.the claypool-lennon delirium-“satori”(a flower travellin` band cover)
41.the last poets-“wake up, niggers”
42.don cherry-“kick” feat. Brion gysin
43.gorillaz-“Hollywood” feat. Snoop dogg and Jamie principle
44.melodys echo chamber-“cross my heart”
45.girls names-“stains on silence”
46.wooden shjips-“golden flower”
47.tom trago-“always be with you”
48.vive la void-“red rider”
49.die wilde jaged-« sAangentanz »