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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 10/03/2020

1.max würden/pepo galan-“stay”
2.ryuichi sakamoto-„casa“( from the movie soundtrack the staggering girl)
3.amon tobin-“one shy morning”
4.prefab sprout-“fall from grace”
6.paul haslinger-“ferndell”
7.dark arts-“lament”
8.sunda arc-“vespers”
9.moses sumney-“plastic”
10.jeff parker&the new breed-“del rio”
11.cabane-“until the summer comes”
12.bill fay-“tiny”
13.lee ranaldo&raül refree-“at the forks”(edit)
15.antoine kogut-“current density”
16.dijf sanders-“murugan”
17.conjoint(aka berger,hodge, moufang, ruit)-“instructions”
18.the peddlers&the London phiharmonic orchestra-“this is it”
19.julien gasc-“undying eyes”
20.vegas by night-“zara”(from the motion picture soundtrack yung)
21.portable-“said it all”
22.anna merdith-“divining”
23.califone-“night gallery/projector”
24.doctor fluorescent-“spies”
25.rejoicer-“earth talk” feat.sam wilkes
26.soul revivers feat.ernest ranglin-“harder”
27.mr. elevator-“love again”
28.sweet okay supersister-“sylvers song(groan,stamp,shock, hool)”
29.gil scott heron-“the crutch”(reimagining by makaya mc craven)
30.dr. olive&the hoperators-“the fat lady of limbourg”(single edit)(brian eno  cover)
31.the heliocentrics-“burning wooden ship”
32.ricardo tobar-“after the movie”(plaid rmx)
33.las kellies-“close talker”
34.charisma-“black silk stocking”(from the beauty now for the future 80`s compilation)
35.mike mcgear-“Norton”
36.dan deacon-“my friend”
37.panorama channel&pletnev-“Eiffel tower syndrome”(simple symmetry mix)
39.tame impala-“posthumous forgivenees”
40.nicolas godin-“the foundation”
41.cold beat-“double sided mirror”
42.masumi hara-“your dream”
43.renaldo and the loaf-“haul on the rowlin(a-shanti)”
44.edgar broughton band-“apache dropout”(single)
45.dukes of stratosphear-“the mole from the ministry”(2019 stereo mix)
46.mo-dettes-“white mouse disco”
47.stephen mallinder-“it`s not me”
48.u-bahn-“time warps make the sweetest sound”
49.holy fuck-“ruby”
50.andras-“river red”
51.prins Thomas-“ambitions”(isolee rmx)
52.patrick Cowley-“the  thief of love”