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Lysergic Factory – 09/02/16

1.john foxx-“everything is illuminated”

2.jessica curry-“all of my birds”(from the everybody`s gone to the rapture game soundtrack)

3.mark van hoen(aka locust)-“I love to fly”

4.i:cube-“prepgav 2”

5.prequel tapes-“scarlet fog”

6.patrick Cowley-“cat`s eye”

7.tom rapp/pearls before swine-“butterflies”

8.pete Townshend&Ronnie lane-“till the rivers all run dry”(a don Williams cover)

9.curt boettcher-“Christine in my dreams”

10.elliot moss-“slip”

11.thomas leer-“paths of least resistance”

12.john cale-“back to the end”

13.minimal compact-“immer vorbei”

14.tricky-“how`s your life”

15.ost&kjex-“honky tonk”

16.the orb-“moonbuilding 2703 ad/sin in space pt.1-(teeb`s moon grotto mix)

17.nico motte-“tiger for breakfast”

18.aris kindt-“embers”


20.dan hicks&his hot licks-“I scare myself”

21.immersion-“organic cities”

22.david bowie-“dollar days”

23.david bowie-“heroes”(French version)


25.orson wells-“orbiting jupiters”

26.yalta club-“love”

27.matthew e.white-“cool out”

28.the(hypothetical)prophets(aka bernard szajaner)-“person to person”

29.the electric connection-“cry of the lone wolf”

30.konono n°1 meets batida-“um nzonzing”

31.earth wind&fire-“fantasy”

32.holzwarth-“weird now”

33.fort romeau-“seventy four”

34.tc sound-“soundtrack for strangers”

35.laghoria-“my love”

36.the rainbow press-“the girl that cannot love”

37.rupert`s people-“I can show you”

38.the uglys-“the quiet explosion”

39.the deep-“trip #76”

40.savages-“need something new”


42.jeasy dodd&the sons of harry cross-“who killed new brighton”?

43.charles de goal-“mission infantile pt.1&2”

44.roman flügel-« vegetarian leather jackets »

45.roisin murphy-“house of glass”(Maurice fulton rmx)

46.anthony Mansfield&jp soul-“inner demons”