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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 09/10/2018

1.ben Salisbury&Geoff barrow-“for those that follow”(from annihilation the film soundtrack )
2.troels hammer-“view of wisdom”
3.cinema domingo orchestra( with steven brown)-“destiny/together forever”
4.DF tram-“honeycomb”
5.duende india collective-“kirwani Quantum”
6.moondog music project by katia labeQue,david chalmin,massimo pupillo&raphael seguinier-« bird s lament”
7.bobbie gentry-“courtyard”
8.roger eno-“gliding albatross”
9.ölafur arnalds-“nyepi”
10.craig Armstrong-“saudade”
11.ryuichi sakamoto-“whereabouts”(from the movie soundtrack rage)
12.konrad kraft-“arc 4”
13.cat power-“stay”
14.low-“rome(always in the dark)”
15.the amorphous androgynous-“goodby sky”
16.shy layers-“holding it back”
17.max cooper-“love song”
18.villagers-“ a trick of the light”
19.beak-“when we fall”
20.jacco gardner-“valva”
21.robert wyatt-“invisible”
22.monta at odds feat.your friend-“chromosphere”
23.jaye jayle-“path one:as soon as night”
24.pedrodollar-“reality world”
25.rework-“and it`s fun”
26.montevideo-“fun house”(i lest vilaine rmx)
27.chris liebing-“and all went dark”feat.polly scattergood
28.oliver coates-“cello renoise”
29.marie Davidson-“your biggest fan”
30.aphex twin-“mt 1t29R2”
31.syclops(aka Maurice fulton)-“Luciana murder muffins”
32.rejoicer-“ancient energy search”
33.bruce hack-“party machine”(original version)
35.the factory-“try a little sunshine”
36.vibravoid-“om gang ganpataye namah”
37.the apryl fool-„the lost motherland(pt.1)“
38.einstürzende neubauten-“november/sie lächest”(live)
39.the residents-„hanging by his hair“(chesty vulva version)
40.gazelle twin-“better in my day”
41.guerilla toss-“walls of the universe”
42.all them witches-“work horse”
43.the flying lizards-“move on up”(a Curtis Mayfield cover)
44.naked lunch-“rabies”
45.todo todo-“autogas”
46.francois harris-“lostfound”
47.little dots-“rocket”(edit)