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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 09/04/2019

1.apanogeton-“a date with the zone 1644”
2.elegia-“ what a night(pt.1&2)”
3.nick zammuto-“you were supposed to find us”
4.josiah steinbrick-“fo barro”
5.pierre bastien-“snide dins”
6.james holden-“disintegration drone 1”(from the Cambodian spring movie soundtrack)
7.william s. fischer-“chains”
8.vladimir cosma-“promenade sentimentale”
9.visible cloaks,yoshio ojima&satsuki shibano-« toi »
10.lambchop-« flower »
11.these new puritans-“infinity vibraphones”
12.ultramarine-“du sud”
13.susanna &the brotherhood of our lady-“river to hell”
14.station 17&faust-“die mittagssonne friert”
16.the cinematic orchestra-„the workers of art“
17.mr. natural-“do you feel what im thinking?”
18.prins Thomas-“foreplay”
19.david bowie-“goodbye 3d joe”(demo)
20.the gist-“god knows”
21.monta at odds feat.your friend-“illuminated”
22.hvob-“2nd world”
23.sasami-“turned out I was everyone”
24.weval-“same little thing”
25.unkle-“only you”
26.andrew bird-“Sisyphus”
27.steve gunn-“paranoid”
28.mekons-“Weimar vending machine/priest?”
29.weyesblood-“mirror forever”
30.marie Davidson-“work it”(soulwax rmx)
31.ricardo tobar-“nadivi”
32.marvin gaye-“i`m going home”(move)
33.durand jones&the indications-“circles”
34.ennio Morricone-“sestriere(finale)”(from slalom movie soundtrack)
35.karen o &dangermouse-“nox lumina”
36.teeth of the sea-“burn of the shieling”
37.pond-“burnt out star”
38.pye corner audio-“descent”
39.the claypool lennon delirium-“blood and rockets-movements,saga of jack parsons-movement 2,too the moon”
40.the yardbirds-“over, under,sideways, down”(live in Stockholm, 67`)
41.fumaca preta-“el avispero”
42.ritual howls-“love cuts”
44.band apart-“o my beautiful song”