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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 08/11/2016

1.jeff bridges&keefus ciancia-“it’s in every one of us”
2.roman flügel-“life tends to come and go”
3.illum sphere-“oracle”
4.youandewan-“time to leave(cant mix)”
5.cabaret Voltaire-“other world”
6.the orb-“first,consider the lilies”
7.soft hair-“tv”
8.spooky-“orange coloured liquid”
9.tim buckley-“marigold”
10.leonard cohen-“if I didn’t have your love”
11.hope Sandoval and the warm inventions-“salt of the sea”
12.octave noire-“nouveau monde”(radio edit)
13.camberwell now-« know how »
14.cobby&brennand-« black pudding »(excerpt)
16.coldcut feat. Roots manuva-“only heaven”
17.mild high club-“kokopelli”
18.north sea radio orchestra-“Vishnu schist”
19.anna Meredith-“the vapours”
20.the Gaslamp killer-“listen for my whistle”
21. vanishing twin-“telescope”
22.pajaro sunrise-“man
s the only bird who has no feathers”
23.courtney john-“strangers”(dub mix)
25.adrian younge presents the electronique void-“black noise”
26.jean-jacques perrey&gershon kingsley-“the little man from mars”
27.nicolas jaar-“no”
28.david bowie-“when I met you”
29.nils bech-“too little too late”
30.yello-“30´000 days”
31.the lemon twigs-“baby,baby”
32.franck ocean-“white Ferrari”
33.thundercat-“tron song”
34.paper hats-“osh”
35.el`blaszczyk rock band himself-“taqui oualqui”
36.episode six-“I can see through you”
37.murray head-“she was perfection”
38.new moon-“life in the sun”
40.the chambers brothers-“if you want me to”
41.jimi Hendrix-“ezy ryder”
42.the pop group-“war inc.”
43.headman/aka robi insinna-“dechainee”(voc. Version)
44.andrew weatherall-“kicking the river”(solar bears rmx)
45.michael mayer&miss kittin-“voyage interieur”
46.archangel-“half-man half-lisa”
47.abstraxion-“not far away”
48.cassius-“go up”(butch rmx)