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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 08/10/2019

1.ami shavit-“yom kippur(pt.2 edit)
2.wilson tanner-“lock&key”
3.AFP/andy falconer-“river(ozora 2019)
4.toshifumi hinata-“hikari to mizu”
5.olafur arnalds-“og lengra”(orchestral) with the royal Liverpool phiharmonic orch.(from dyad 1909/company wayne mcgregor)
7.jeanne moreau-“le tourbillon”(from the film soundtrack jules&jim)
8.san mateo-“terra-incognita”
9.nev cottee-“local hero”
10.danny vera-“roller coaster”
11.charles Hayward-“safe as houses”
12.lana del rey-“norman f… Rockwell”
13.cult with no name-“by air or by sea”
14.amir buchbinder-“in your world/bholmcha”
15.dylan moon-“faraway places”
16.devendra banhart-“October 12”
17.kyle Dixon&Michael stein-“the first I love you”(from the stranger things 3 soundtrack)
18.dino spiluttini-“weakened centurion”
20.penguin café-“Gentoo origin”
22.the space lady-“ I remember love”
23.alessandro alessandroni-“vocali sul pentagramma”
24.the white screen-« shemesh »
25.nico-« reich der traume »(live at the manchester library theatre 1980)
26.polymood-“taishi-koto pt.2”
27.l`epee-“springfield 61”
28.iggy pop-“page”
29.mike patton&jean claude vannier-« on top of the world”
30.modern nature-“devotee”
31.riff kitten-“whitewater falls”
32.david august-“d`angelo”
33.telefon tel aviv-“arms aloft”
34.shakti-“that boy”
35.minimal compact-“holy roller”(2019)
36.metronomy-“sex emoji”
37.acid arab-“ejma” feat. Cem yildiz
38.brittany howard-“stay high”
39.black pumas-“confines”
40.the Floyd family singers-“that`s a sign of the times”
41.the chairmen of the board-“i`ll come crawling”
42.cream-“passing the time”(ginger baker r.i.p)
43.moon duo-“the world and the sun”
44.singapore sling-“suicide twist”
45.the mysterious minds-“clean up your act”
46.die ambassade-“zo hoog als de bogen“
47.enzo kreft-„the milgram experiment“
48.automatic-“I love you,fine”
50.garry&the holograms-“tubular bells”
51.gudrun gut-“boys keep swinging”(a david bowie cover)(pilocka krach rmx)