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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 07/07/15

1.voices from the lake-“dreamscape generation”

2.nils frahm-“them”(music from the motion picture Victoria)

3.nicolas jaar-“volver”

4.bachar mar-khalife-“Kyrie eleison”

5.beth hart&joe bonamassa-“I’ll take care of you”(radio edit)

6.buffy sainte-marie-“ke sekihitin awasis(I love you, baby)”

7.nick nicely-“Rrainbow”


9.lee bannon-“paofex”

10.thundercat-“where the giants roam/field”


12.samuel-“these days”

13.reginald omas mamode iv-“sugar cane”

14.the seshen-“2000 seasons”(astronauts rmx)

15.the disclosure project-“Bernard’s Merope”

16.felix laband-“I’m so high I swear I could”

17.jaakko eino kalevi-“letter”

18.the gentle people-“superstar”

19.rickie lee jones-“haunted”

20.family fodder-“the big dig”(based on eric Satie’s piece of music)

21.ghost writerz-“rose”(inst./dub)

22.nato-“je tapprendrai a faire l`amour »

23.brigitte fontaine-« dévaste-moi »

24.jamie xx-« obvs »

25.francesca Belmonte-« walk with you »

26.arthur Russell-“hiding your present from you”

27.dj koze-“xtc”

28.turner Cody-“if I had the drugs I’d take `em”

29.daniel avery&the deadstock 33s(aka Justin Robertson)-“commercial suicide”

30.kornel kovacs-“gangsta”

31.disclosure feat. Gregory porter-“holding on”

32.jeff beck-“beck`s bolero”

33.the mothmen-“please let go”

34.sleaford mods-“tweet tweet tweet”

35.unknown mortal orchestra-“puzzles”

36.syd Arthur-“black planet eyes-paradise lost”(the amorphous androgynous rmx)

37.madden and Harris-“I heard a man say”

38.country joe&the fish-“cetacean”

39.gene Clark-“elevator operator”

40.the see see-“automobile”

41.azitis-“from this place”

42.the illusion-“peace pipe”

43.tiefschwarz-“forever”feat. Khan

44.denis sulta-“duh yuh luv meh”

45.terranova-„skin&bones“w/lydmos&bon homme

46.totally unknown artist-« status 303 »

47.leftfield-« dark matters »