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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 07/08/2018

1.mark van hoen-“weathered”
2.wurm-“saturated afternoons”(city streets ambient rmx)
3.eno-“delightful universe(seen from above)”
4.dan the tiger-“hojas tiene”
5.pieter nooten-“freefall”
6.jonny greenwood-“peartree”(from bodysong film soundtrack)
7.tree bossier-“postcard 4”
10.tom rush-“far away”
11.gene clark&Carla olson-“gypsy rider”
12.curtis Mayfield-“here but I’m gone”
13.the new rotary connection-“hanging round the bee tree mixed with five deez wow”(instr.)
14.bobby beausoleil-“hard road”
15.ingus bauskenieks-“meness klajuma”
16.yello-“great mission”
17.underworld&iggy pop-“I ll see big”
18.coil-“who ll tell”
19.piscine et Charles-“quart de tour, mon amour”
20.gorillaz-« idaho »
21.peggy lee-« a song for you »(a leon russell cover)
22.paul de jong-“breaking up”
23.david allen-“only make love if you want to”
24.alain peters-“mange pou le Coeur”
25.gümix&shanti roots feat. Jess kitty-« my words »
26.the last poets-“what I want to see”
27.orb-“isle of horns”
28.friends from ross-“pale blue dot”
29.gagarin-“autonomist”(eric random rmx)
30.nova materia-“surge lo extrano”
31.goldfrapp-“everything is never enough”(chris liebing burns lower mix)
32.zulder zee-“ackbar didedar”
33.wildwood-“mary midnight”
34.eleanor friedberger-“in between stars”
35.the claypool lennon delirium-“in the court of the crimson king”(a king crimson cover)
36.les rallizes de nude s-track 2”(from victory live 77 album)
37.poptone-“slice of life”
39.river yarra-“AoRsom wislhs”
40.p.i.l-“selfish rubbish”
41.nacht und nebel-“Victoria 2000”(john tilly rmx)
42.buscemi-“red lips gold” feat.luigi catalano
43.Carolina lins&osplanatos-“I predict a riot”(a Kaiser cheef cover)
44.geliks-“green lights”