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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 07/05/2019

1.kaitlyn Aurelia smith-“milk”(excerpt)
2.aponogeton-“hardness and strength”
3.nick zammuto-“tonight we ll go for a ride”
4.paper dollhouse-“glass tower”
5.visible cloaks,yoshio ojima&sats uki shibano-“anata”
6.art of noise-“robinson Crusoe”
7.scott Gilmore-“empty aisles”
8.denis frajerman-“clock bird”(a minimal compact cover)
9.lambchop-“the lasting last of you”
10.bark psychosis-“I know”
12.sei A-“exit” feat.daudi matsiko
13.susanna&the brotherhood of our lady-“wilderness”
14.peggy lee-“I remember”
15.blaine l.reininger-“birthday song”
16.andrew bird-“cracking codes”
17.weyes blood-“a lot`s gonna change”
18.helado negro-“seen my aura”
19.glen hansard-“treading water”
21.these new puritans-“inside the rose”
22.sasami-“morning comes”
23.durand jones&the indications-“listen to your heart”
24.erykah badu&james poyser-“tempted”
25.bill plummer&the cosmic brotherhood-“journey to the east”
26.prins Thomas-“feel the love”
27.teeth of the sea-“her wraith”
28.the undisputed truth-“earthquake shake”
29.the isley brothers-“fight the power(pts 1&2)”
30.grupses and ethnique punch-“delidivane”
31.elegia-“the attic”(the kick inside mix)
32.hunter complex-“crows zero”
33.caterina Barbieri-“closest approach to your orbit”
34.pye corner audio-“dancing shadows”
36.care of the cow-“dogs ears are stupid”
37.david lynch&angelo badalamenti-“blue frank”(from twin peaks season two soundtrack)
38.roxy music-“ladytron”(idjut boys golden shrine mix)
39.jah wobble-“dub musika(para siempre)”
40.churchill s-“Danielle sanders walks through the park”
41.sylvia felz-“corto maltese”
42.late of the pier-“the bears are coming”
43.the claypool lennon delirium-“south of reality”
44.ritual howls-“mother of the dead”
46.boy harsher-“lust”
47.finlay Shakespeare-“heston”
48.nicolas jaar-“don t break my love”
49.mental overdrive-“litungu”(dmx krew rmx)
50.bibio-“old graffiti”