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Lysergic Factory – 06/10/2015

1.ben Salisbury&Geoff barrow-“skin”(from ex-machina original motion picture soundtrack)


3.king midas sound&fennesz-“on my mind”

4.tuxedomoon&cult with no name-“so fucking suave”(from the blue velvet revisited film soundtrack,mtm42)

5.bachar mar-khalife`-“dors mon gas(e)“

6.night plane-„mojave trail“

7.lana del rey-„don`t let me be misunderstood”


9.bernard fe`vre-“no.59018”


11.gorila-“chad`s dream”

12.harvey mandel-“cristo medentor”


14.richard Hawley-“welcome the sun”

15.hecta(a side project of 3 members of lambchop)-“like you`re worth it”

16.the arcs-“searching the blue”

17.barbara Morgenstern with Julia kent&t.raueschmiere-“facades”

18.jonny faith-„dapple city“

19.glen hansard-„just to be the one“

20.maia vidal-“the tide”

21.mild high club-“timeline”

22.youth lagoon-“rotten human”

23.yppah-“occasional magic”

24.shoc corridor-“Khartoum”

25.weval-“it`ll be just fine”

26.eduardo de la calle-“format times”

27.aksak maboul-“saure gurke”(Krikor rmx)

28.foals-“lonely hunter”

29.the illusion-“man”

30.marcus-“a trip-in time”

31.the poets-“in your tower”

32.humble pie-“shine on”

33.the who-“young man blues”(a cover of a mose Alison song)(live at Leeds)

34.the distributors-“tv me”

35.pere ubu-“final solution”

36.p.i.l-“spice of choice”

37.dan auerbach-“street walkin`”

38.mbongwana star-“kala”

39.red axes-“shem”

40.machines in heaven-“displacer”(the revenge guitar dub mix)

41.marian mueller-“and only that”(mueller`s orig. mix)

42.axel boman-“holy love”( feat. J.jonason)

43.coma-“lora”(robag`s fandare quelv nb mix)

44.fatima Yamaha-“what`s a girl to do”

45.jack garret-“remnants”(carassius gold rmx)