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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 06/09/16

1.wolfgang riechmann-“abend licht”

2.cliff Martinez-“thank god you`re awake rmx“(from the neon demon film soundtrack)

3.ndf-“cruel is the color”

4.peter zummo-“what do you what do you”


6.the swan and the lake-“bright lights”

7.thom sonny green-“palms”

8.marielle v jakobsons-“undone”


10.portable/Alan Abrahams-“the loneliness of the long distance drinker”

11.gerhard Heinz-“dampfnudeln”

12.the album leaf-“between waves”

13.ryley walker-“the roundabout”

14.cass mccombs-“medusa`s outhouse”

15.nina simone-“don`t explain”(a Billie holiday cover)

16.jacques Brel-“voir un ami pleurer”

17.nonkeen-« diving platform »

18.thee oh sees-« crawl out into the fall out »

19.judy Henske&jerry yester-“farewell Aldebaran”

20.william s. burroughs-“the exterminator/k.a khan(prod. By hal willner)

21.yma sumac-“let me hear you”

22.william bell-“I will take care of you”

23.allen Toussaint-“freedom for the stallion”(live)

24.the avalanches-“colours”

25.rival consoles-“slow song”

26.petula clark-“un jeune homme bien”(a cover of a “well respected man “ of the kinks/ray davies)

27.oy-“something of the past”

28.public service broadcasting-“spitfire”

29.de la soul&david byrne-“snoopies”

30.blood orange-“Augustine”

31.phillipi&Rodrigo( aka soulwax)-“mantra”

32.acid arab-“la hafla”feat.sofiane saidi

33.steve miller band-“steve miller`smidnight tango”

34.rick nelson-“marshmallow skies”

35.the move-“night of fear”

36.ron wood w/keith richard-“act together”

37.trentemoller-“redefine”(tom and his computer 7” edit)

38.the pre new-“100% beef”

39.it`s a fine line-“greasier”

40.units-“straight lines”

41.skinnerbox-“bela Lugosi`s dead”(Bauhaus cover)

42.maceo plex feat. C.a.r-“mirror me(dark dub)”

43.dinosaur l.( aka Arthur russels)-“clean on your bean”feat. Peter Gordon


45.the chemical brothers-“escape 700”(from hanna original motion picture soundtrack)

46.factory floor-“ya”

47.jonathan kusuma-“police&snitch”

48.tin man,jozef k&winter son-“fates unknown“