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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 06/03/2018

1.poppy ackroyd-“the calm before”
2.suba-“lullaby for alice”
3.paul statham-“asylum”
4.susanna-“freight train”
5.anna von hausswolff-“källans ateruppstandelse”
6.cohgs/ann demeulemecster-„exercise in colour“
7.ryuichi sakamoto-« andata »(oneohtrix point never rework)
8.nils frahm-“a place”
9.insecure men-“whitney Houston&I”
10.khruangbin-“como me Quieres”
11.pep Llopis-“muntanyes de granit”
12.björk-« blissing me »feat. Serpentwithfeet(12 » version)
13.mick ness-“jewels and crown”
14.natureboys-“love song”
15.douglas firs-“Hannah”
16.bigga bush-“60 days”( with a patti smith sample)
18.gümix&shanti roots-“where I belong”feat. Hubert tubs&dieter kalbeck(radio version)
19.richard russell/everything is recorded-„bloodshot red eyes“
20.chris dave and the drumheadz-“sensitive granite”
21.hi&saberhägen-“rare obi strip”
22.hi-fi: wi-fi-„pannakotto“
23.dj oil-„fall“
24.yvonne fair-“funky music sho nuff turns me on”
25.james brown with full force-“static(pt.1&2)
26.schlammpeitziger-“smooth motion kaukraut”
27.suuns-“peace and love”
28.dr.c stein-“el synero”
29.laszlo hortobagyi-„kirana baj ki“
30.mgmt-“days that got away”
31.xxxxxxxx-“i m a zookeeper(not a goalkeeper)”
32.mark renner-“autumn calls you by name”
33.c cat trance-“some day soon”(burn mix)
34.dirt music-“the border crossing”
35.juju-“and play a game”
38.the liminanas with peter hook-“the gift”
39.ingleton falls-“it`s just a hobby”
40.the babe rainbow-“secret enchanted broccoli forest”
41.le future pompiste-“daydream”
42.gary war-“ex-real”
43.novaks kapelle-“smile please”
44.the animated egg-“sock it my way”
45.xenia beliayeva-“televisor”