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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 05/05/15

1.nils frahm-“some”

2.A winged victory for the sullen-“atomos VI”



5.robert aiki Aubrey love&ariel kalma-“strange dreams”

6.holger czukay-“ a maidens dream”

7.ben E king-“stand by me”

8.villagers-“hot scary summer”

9.punch brothers-“little lights”

10.anna caragnano&donato dozzy-“parola”


12.des airs-“lovely lady of the roses”

13.tb-“life in Renoir”

14.ryley walker-“love can be cruel”

15.django Django-“beginning to fade”

16.band apart-“eve ryonne”


18.doctor Pablo&the dub syndicate-“DR. who?”

19.prince fatty&nostalgia 77-“positive force dub”

20.jah wobble-“public image”( pil cover)


22.jeff phelps-“sometime lover”

23.blancmange-“mks lover”

24.run the jewels-“love again(akin yele back)” feat. Gangsta boo

25.the amorphous androgynous feat. Alisha sufit-“where does the evil go?”

26.coh-“becha-kpacha”(matmos asis rmx)

27.ellen alien-“butterfly”(aux 88 rmx)

28.curtis mayfield-« when seasons change »

29.the undisputed truth-“ungena za ulimwengu(unite the world)/friendship train”

30.sly and the family stone-“love city”(live at the fillmore east 1968)

31.the sandpipers-“beyond the walley of the dolls”(from the orig. movie soundtrack by stu phillips)

32.antorchas-“el jardin del eden”

33.kaleidoscope(u.s)-“lulu arfin nanny”

34.july-“the way”

35.rainbow ffolly-“come on go”

36.fenomeni-“I suoi seni”

37.the gods(u.k)-“you`re my life”

38.russell morris-“ the real thing”

39.the amazing snakeheads-“can`t let you go”


41.five or six-“sleepwalk”

42.the neon judgement-“Chinese black”

43.test dept-“face of freedom3”(fuckhead rmx)


45.tb atw-“standing on my own” feat. Ida venöe

46.mr. marvin-“I want you”

47.metronomy-“boy racers”(prins Thomas disko rmx)

48.jonny faith-“neon”