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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 05/04/16

1.red stars over Tokyo-“we`ve lost everything”

2.moby-“may04 two”

3.monkeen-“this beautiful mess”


5.the loved drones-“canyons”

6.evangelist/gavin clark/toydrum-“i`m in love tonight”

7.biblo-“the way you talk”

8.unloved-“silvery moon”

9.the dandelion set&alan moore-“memoir of a black spider”

10.robert vanderwiel(aka soulwax)-“nine thousand eyes”

11.the orb-“alpine/dawn”

12.thundercat-“where the giants roam/field of the Nephilim”

13.francois de Roubaix-“thai connection”(from the tv séries- commissaire moulin&autres sce`nes de crimes )

14.mikael seifu-« soul manifest »( feat. L.a)

15.throwing shade-« hashtag IRL »

16.oum shatt-“gold to straw”(radio edit)

17.rondo brothers-“Yosemite das”(feat.bagavan das)


19.gato Barbieri&his orchestra-“last tango in paris(tango)”(from the film soundtrack)

20.frank Sinatra-“i`ve got you under my skin”(live from Madison square garden/n.y 1974)

21.the Woodleigh research facility(aka Andrew weatherall&nina walsh)-“test result 1-I am amateur barbarian”

22.chu ishikawa-“a burned figure”(from tetsou 2-“the body hammer” soundtrack)

23.cavern of anti matter(aka tim gane+co)-“liquid gate”

24.connie price&the keystones wild flowers-“sucker punch”

25.pantha du prince-“dream yourself awake”

26.actress-“xoul particles”(prins Thomas version)

27.different fountains-“limbo rift”(excerpt)

28.andrew weatherall-“the last walk”


30.underworld-“ova nova”

31.die wilde jagd-“wah wah Wallenstein”

32.pointe du lac-„ca ressemble ade la creme aux œufs »

33.essaie pas-« facing the music »

34.the pretty things-“the sun”


36.witch-“no time”(pilooski edit)

37.the electric prunes-“you`ve never had it better”

38.the oscillation-“monographic”

39.sextile-“into the unknown”

40.primal scream-“when the blackout meets the fallout”

41.barry adamson-“up in the air”

42.protomartyr-“why does it shake?”


44.wrangler(feat gazelle twin)-“he`s liquid”(a j.foxx cover)

45.front de cadeaux-“killers”(ruf dug rmx)

46.rodion-« alta marea »

47.brett johnson-« jack »(orig. mix)