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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory 05/03/2019

1.nicolas jaar-“swim”(excerpt)
2.david holmes-“i ve instructed them to check the dumpsters”(from the mosaic film soundtrack)
3.cat s eyes-“dr.schuller”
4.hauschka-“hands in the anthill”
5.jean marc lederman-“talk about ghosts”
6.stubbleman-“mesa snow”
7.julia kent-“through the window”
8.ultramarine-“equatorial calms”
9.boy harsher-“crush”
10.lanark artefax-“styx”
11.craig leon-“standing crosswise in the square”
12.gaussian curve-“ride”
13.the durruti column-“red shoes”
14.helado negro-“runnin”
15.michael chapman-“full bottle,empty heart”
16.steve roach-“worlds”
18.mercury rev feat.laetitia sadler-“morning glory”(from bobbie gentry s the delta sweete revisited covers compilation)
19.unloved feat. Etienne daho-“remember”
20.domenique Dumont-“faux savage”
21.dark sky&afriquoi-« cold harbour »
22.philippe cohen solal feat. Samito-« perfume exotico »
23.tom waits-« ramblin man”(a hank Williams cover)(live)
24.fred und luna-“so weit wie möglich”
25.ruins-„you re like a cigarette“
26.anderson paak feat.Q-tip-“cheers”
27.the roots-“the otherside” feat.bilal oliver&greg porn
28.james brown-“stoned to the bone” pt.1
29.the prodigy-“Firestarter”
30.hammer-“l orange”(bawrut rmx)
31.the golden filter-“dislocation”
32.gudrun gut-“sein”
33.phil MFU-„marooned on mercury“
34.paul weller-“around the lake”(Michael rother rmx)
35.weval-“the weight”
36.international teachers of pop-“she walks in beauty”
38.cyril Cyril-“colosse de Rhodes”
39.carbalido-« metaphur »(kenneth bager rmx)
40.kei assouf-„alyochan“
41.siglo xx-„until a day“
42.rema- rema-“rema-rema”
43.malaria!-kaltes klares wasser”
44.the claypool lennon delirium-“like fleas”
45.snapped ankles-“tailpipe”
46.lcd soundsystem-“seconds”(a human league cover)(live)
47.sneaks-“a lil close”
48.sleaford mods-“flipside”
50.w.c-“leholm lo nikana”