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La radio de la communauté de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles

Lysergic Factory – 04/10/2016

1.biosphere-“aura in the kitchen with the candlesticks”
2.grumbling fur-“galacticon”
3.yair yona-“innocence”
4.soundwalk collective&jesse paris smith feat. Patti smith-“my only child”(a nico cover)
5.nick cave&the bad seeds-“skeleton tree”
6.cass mccombs-“bum bum bum”
8.tim hardin-“while youre on your way”
9.the cosmic jokers-“galactic joke pt. 1”
10.nahneen kula-“I was looking for danger”
14.bugus order-“bullnose step”
15.francis bebey-“forest nativity”
16.hidden orchestra-“wingbeats”(radio edit)
17.lost midas-“san gorgonio”
18.silver apples-“fractal flow”
19.beograd-“mozak primopredajnik”
20.the beach boys vs. j. dilla-“caroline,no”
21.de la soul feat.estelle&pete rock-“memory of…(us)”
22.double dee&steinski-“lesson3”(history of hiphop mix)
23.kamera-“ventoux”(throwing snow rmx)
25.la femme-“al warda”
26.portable-« standby »
27.blood orange-« hands up »
28.grumbling fur-“milky light”
29.different fountains-“corpse”(ufo edit)
30.andrew liles-“the great beast in outer space”(jose manuel rework)
32.daevid allen weird quartet-“grasshopping”
33.family fodder-“love song”
34.peggy gou-“gou talk”
35.acid arab-“stil”feat.cem yildiz
36.dj click-“lila club”(radio edit)
37.il est vilaine-“une petite satu”
38.the mekons-« chopper squad »
39.the veils-« here come the dead »
40.jimi Hendrix
s band of gypsys-“changes”(the fillmore east live 1969)
41.camera-“tribal mango”
42.zyx-“hey you”
44.matias Aguayo-“komm”
45.index 968-„secret fantasy“(tps plastic soul rmx)
m insane”(excerpt)